"Night on Bald Mountain", performed by Scientist #1, is the song from "Spooky Spoots".


We're from the government,
and we don't like you ghosts.
We are here to wipe you out,
so kiss your butts goodbye.

Now it's time we get the ghosts,
me and Pete, get the ghosts.
We'll be famous scientists,
with Nobel Prize-thingys.

Hurry, Pete, and get those ghosts,
put them in Mason jars.
Coop them up, all those icky ghosts
Shoot them off to Mars.

You better run, you stinkin' ghosts,
filthy ghosts, yucky ghosts.
We're gonna...

Ah, blah, blah, blah. You know how it goes, Pete. Ah, get off my cloud. Ah ha! I hate that song!

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BMI Work # 4622614

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