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Spinning Yak

The Yak and Daggett spinning during the song.

"Nice, Safe, and Fair" is a song from "Yak in the Sack". It is sung by the Yak to convince that only good games are nice, safe, and fair.

Song credits[]


Verse 1[]

Oh, Daggett, please do not despair. I do not play games witch hurt, trap or snare.
The only good games are nice, safe, and fair.

Daggett: Go faster, Yak!

This game is ungood, not nice safe or fair. This game drives poor Daggett to curse, and to swear.
This game is dangerous, hazardous, jeopardous, perilous, bad for us.

Verse 2[]

I know how you feel, I see that you're mad. I rather you were all happy and glad.
So please pick a game that won't make you sad.

Norbert: How about tag?

That game is no good, Dag might hit his hand on outcropping wood.

Daggett: (Struggles) No, I won't.

Norbert: Let's play some Go Fish?

Card games are naughty.

Norbert: I'm king of the couch!

That makes you seem haughty. You must choose again. Your games all appre…

Norbert: Try musical chairs!

That's cruel to the chairless.

Norbert: Aliens invade!

That game I dissuade, if aliens came, I throw a parade!

Norbert: Aliens don't even exist! Why are you protecting them?

Verse 3[]

Out? you want me out? But every dam needs a Yak about.
Under the sink, eating all the grout!

Verse 4[]

There is still some bad in your dam by the pond, but I will fix all with this tap of my wand.
Your war toys become Zoo zeltzy Zangs.
Hot oven no more, it's a Growsaur. Sharp scissors they were, now a Kleeber.
These ugly thing made into nice shapes, like Flangbots made from your horror film tapes.