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Female sheep background singers

"Naked Sheep Song", performed by some female sheep and Norbert, is the song from "Sans-a-Pelt". It was later sung by Daggett in a cappella when he realized that the sheep were right.



Sheep: Ooh, alley-ooh, alley-ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh...

Sheep (lead singer): You may think that life has dealt you a baa--aa--aa--ad hand
But look at the bright side, it's really quite grand
So hold you head up high in the air

Sheep: You just joined the ranks of those without hair

Pelt-less is happiness
Fur-less is freedom
Naked ain't half-ba-ked
If you take it day-to-day-ked

Norbert: Where do I start? I wanna start on this one. What--are we starting?

Norbert/Sheep (lead singer): You may be more sensitive to a cool windchill (Norbert: Brr!)
But in the flea department, your itching is nil
Norbert: Nothing, nada, sit down, hush up. Come on, Dag!
Norbert/Sheep (lead singer): All of the sun's rays may now hold a burn
Norbert: Come on, buddy!
Norbert/Sheep (lead singer): SPF 3-0
Norbert: What's that mean, ladies?
Sheep: No more concern
Norbert: I like it!


Sheep: Pelt-less is happiness (Norbert: Oh, yeah!)
Sheep/Norbert: Fur-less is freedom
Naked ain't half-ba-ked
If you take it day-to-day-ked
Norbert: Love that part. Hey, you did good. You did good.

(Music continues...)

Sheep: Fur-less is freedom!

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