When Daggett gets captured during a fight with Toe-Bot as Muscular Beaver, Norbert reluctantly becomes a superhero in order to rescue his brother, despite the fact that he wished to hold a party. Fortunately for Norbert, many of his friends are willing to accompany him and they become The Justice Guys (and One Gal), in an attempt to take town Toe-Bot.

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  • The Beetle - The comic-book panel picture of Bing's super-heroic identity resembles the Marvel Comics super-villain.
  • Fantastic Four - The number in the episode title is drawn the same as the logo worn by the Fantastic Four.
  • Wonder Woman - With the exception of the cape, Treeflower's Goody Good Gal costume resembles the one worn by the DC Comics super-heroine.
  • Ritz Crackers - Blitz Crackers is a spoof of the Nabisco snack cracker.
  • "Let's Stay Together" - Barry sings a song similar to Al Green's 70's hit in order to save Daggett from Toe-Bot.


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