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Dag gets a cold so Treeflower nurses him and pretends to be Muscular Beaver's new sidekick. Norb gets jealous by this.

Episode Summary[]

Daggett does his typical Muscular Beaver shenanigans when Treeflower saves him from almost falling off a steep cliff. Meanwhile, Norbert is busy carving a giant ice sculpture of his girlfriend and kisses it, causing his lips to get stuck to the ice. However, Norb sees her walking Daggett into the dam and becomes furious thinking she’s cheating on him with his own brother. Wondering what she could possibly see in him, he comes to the conclusion to dress up in his Baron Bad Beaver costume and try to win her back by showing he’s stronger than Muscular Beaver. Daggett teaches Treeflower how to defend against the Baron and tells her to use “The Death Ray of Ouch-My-Face” (a flashlight), as Daggett succumbs more and more to his sickness. Norbert and Treeflower get into a small argument following this as she explains that she was taking care of him while he claims he was “playing along too”. After Treeflower convinces her boyfriend to go along with it by seducing him, he reluctantly does.

Outside, Daggett rams his sled into a pile of snow as Norbert and Treeflower follow him (with Treeflower seducing Norb once more). Dag orders Treeflower to restrain Norb and gives her his sled (a.k.a his “Power Shield of Power”), while she gestures Norb to fall over and claim he’s defeated. Treeflower gets the sled as Dag instructs her to finish him off, all while reminding her to use “more power”. After she corners Norb in the side of the dam, a bunch of icicles fall around him (one also falling on his helmet), while Dag wraps his brother up in Christmas lights (his “Blinking Lights of Shame”). At this point, Norb starts to get bored of this but is about to be smothered by Daggett’s “Hankie of Hurtiness”. Treeflower acts quickly and pushes Daggett out of the way while burying the snot covered tissue under a pile of snow. She tells Dag he’s going too far, as she takes off Norb’s helmet and sees her boyfriend muttering unintelligible nonsense. Daggett trips over the Christmas lights and getting entangled in them while sliding off in the sled, and to top it off he also drags an entangled Norb with him. Treeflower bolts after the brothers with her snowboard. Norbert and Daggett slide further down the snowy slopes as Dag loses the sled. Norb ends up falling onto a frozen lake that’s moments from breaking while Daggett gets stuck in a giant snowball heading towards his brother at an alarming speed, all while Treeflower arrives to the scene. Luckily, the snowball doesn’t crush Norb. Unfortunately the ice breaks soon after as the brothers get submerged into the icy cold water.

Back at the dam, Daggett is in the bedroom along with Norbert; who now also has a cold. Treeflower tucks him into bed, and turns out the lights. Once she leaves, she proclaims she must continue “going on patrol” and flies off.

Production Information[]

  • According to the Timeline, this is the first episode of the series to take place in 1998.
  • This episode aired exactly one year after the CatDog premiere episodes “Dog Gone” and “All You Can’t Eat”.


  • First time Treeflower used her superhero persona Goody Good Gal.
  • The first time Treeflower has mispronounced words the same way Norbert does.
  • Fourth time Dag dressed up as Muscular Beaver. ("Gift Hoarse", "Muscular Beaver", "Muscular Beaver 2")
  • Third time Norb dressed up as Baron Bad Beaver. ("Muscular Beaver", "Muscular Beaver 2") Although, the name is now "Baron Once-Bad-Then-Good Now Bad Again Beaver".
  • This is the first episode of the Muscular Beaver Pentalogy where Treeflower appears.
    • It is also the first episode of said Pentalogy that deals with Norbert and Treeflower's romance.
  • This episode reuses music from "Bummer of Love" during the scene where Treeflower seduces Norbert.



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