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Dag's hero role playing goes too far, so Norb must act like a super-villain to defeat him.

Episode Summary

Dag reads a comic book starring his hero, Muscular Beaver, and decides to roleplay as him. Norb reminds his brother that he has a tendency to destroy things while dressing up as Muscular Beaver, and asks him to stop before he breaks something else. Dag instead continues playing outside, much to Norb's embarrassment. He begs Dag to stop, but Dag no longer responds to his name, only answering to Muscular Beaver.

Muscular Beaver attempts to assist the forest animals in their daily tasks, but ends up making things worse. They complain to Norb, who realizes that the only way to get through to Dag is to roleplay as a  supervillain. He returns dressed as Baron Bad Beaver and goes off to stop his brother.

As Muscular Beaver tries to assist another animal, Baron Bad Beaver arrives and challenges him to a super battle to end all super battles. The two fight, with the Baron easily matching Muscular Beaver skill for skill; they decide on a thumb wrestling match, which the Baron eventually wins. Norb makes Dag promise him that he won't embarrass him in public, to which Dag agrees; after Norb leaves however, Dag continues playing, this time as secret agent Double-O-Beaver.

Background Information

  • First time Norb dressed up as Baron Bad Beaver.
  • First speaking appearance of Barry.
  • This episode was in 73rd place in's "Top 100 Greatest Moments of Nicktoon History".

Production Information



  • James Bond - Dag referred himself as secret agent "Double-0 Beaver" at the end of the episode, which is a play on Bond's codename, "Double-07". "Goldbeaver", mentioned by Dag, is a spoof of the villain "Goldfinger".


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