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This article is about the superhero. You may be looking for the episode.

Muscular Beaver is a comic book superhero whom Dag dresses up as.

Physical Appearance[]

Muscular Beaver's costume consists of a lime green cape, a blue-and-yellow uniform with a beaver silhouette, a brown belt with a red "B" on it, a red mask, fake nose and whiskers, and the gloves and boots are yellow. He has a cleft chin; however, his hair and eye color are unknown due to the head covering and mask.

Whenever Dag dresses up as his favorite superhero, his homemade costume consists of a yellow-and-orange sock (as the head covering), a lime green cape, a padded blue long sleeved shirt with "M.b." in yellow letting, purple gloves, white briefs, and blue-and-red boots.


In five episodes throughout the series each titled "Muscular Beaver (1-5)", Dag dresses up as Muscular Beaver and gets into a mindset where he honestly believes he is his hero. Not able to tell the different between fantasy and reality, he often annoys Norb by becoming Muscular Beaver at the worst possible times. However, the only time where this did not occur is when he is first shown wearing the costume in "Gift Hoarse," in which Norb's first reaction was "Groovy costume" and didn't seem to mind.


  • Fur of steel
  • Fish-o-vision
  • Laser teeth
  • Mind melding powers
  • Supersonic tail-slaps of doominess
  • Mighty armor-piercing breath of timber
  • The supersonic sneeze of smarted

Utility items[]

  • Pine-o-rang
  • Cloak of Limited Visibility
  • Death Ray of Ouch My Face
  • Powerful Power Shield of Power
  • Blinking Lights of Shame
  • Hammerin' Hanky of Hurtiness


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