When Daggett befriends a killer whale, he manages to sneak it into the beavers' local pond, though the whale soon starts to unbalance the ecosystem of the pond and the surrounding forest.

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  • This episode aired on Ukraine with the name of the title "Злюки бобри" [1]



  • Moby-Dick - The episode title is a pun of the 1851 novel by Herman Melville.
  • Albert Camus, Shamu - The whale's name "Camus" is a reference to both the French philosopher and the Sea World whale.
  • Laurel and Hardy - When Norb says "This is another fine mess you've gotten us into!", it is a reference to Oliver Hardy's famous line (he even says it in an impression of Hardy's voice).
  • "Touch Me" - Dag sings a parody of this 1968 Doors song in the underwater observatory.



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