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Norb and Dag embark on a space mission to the sun, but they get lost in space.

Episode Summary

At the space museum, Norb and Dag stand admiring a wall commemorating all the animals that have been sent into space. When Norb points out that there are no beavers on the wall, the two decide to become the first beavers in space. They sneak on board a nearby space shuttle launch and blast off. As the shuttle reaches orbit, a smaller beaver-shaped spacecraft emerges from the back and begins flying towards the sun.

As Norb and Dag are enjoying weightlessness, they are hailed by Mission Control on the radio; Norb radios in as Beaver Alpha and Dag as Beaver Dos. A confused Mission Control tells the beavers that they are on an important mission to the Sun and gives them a list of experiments to complete. After Norb and Dag complete the experiments, they radio in to Mission Control requesting re-entry. Mission Control tells them that experimental animals are never recovered from space and that the sun is their final destination.

As their spacecraft spirals closer and closer to the sun, Norb and Dag discover an instructional video titled So, You're Spiraling Into The Sun. When the video compares the sun's gravitational pull to a log traveling downstream, Norb realizes that they need to build a gravity dam to stop themselves from being pulled in. The two soon complete the gravity dam which successfully stops them from being pulled into the sun. Mission Control radios in asking them to move the dam out of the way before the Earth enters a new ice age. Norb and Dag ignore their request and paddle the spacecraft back to Earth which is now covered in visible thick sheets of ice.

Background Information

  • First time when Norb and Dag are shown at a younger age.
  • A few of the videocassettes in the bookcase are: Space Bloopers, I've Been Vaporized Now What?, So, You're Spiraling into the Sun, and You and Your Zero-G Toilet.

Production Information


  • Second time a music box version of The Angry Beavers opening theme is heard. [1]


  • 2001: A Space Odyssey - When Dag and Norb are building the space dam, the metallic black rectangle floating through space looks like the monolith from the 1968 sci-fi film. Also, there is a scene in 2001 where a ship is flying through space and The Blue Danube is playing the background, just like in this scene.
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation - The background music in the scene where Norb and Dag are building the gravity dam is based on the theme to this 1987 television series.


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