"Lumberjacks' Opening", performed by lumberjacks Lars, Sven, Peter, Dieter, and Achim, is a song from the episode "Lumberjacks' Delight".


Lars: Timber.
Sven, Peter: Timber.
Dieter, Achim: Timber.
All: Timber!
Lars: We get up with the sun and knock down trees.
Sven: With a belly full of biscuits.
Achim: And a lot of butter if you please.
Peter, Dieter: Making stumps and cracking bark.
We saw and chop until it gets dark.
All: Then we eat some more.

Lars, Achim: We dangle from trees high above the roots.
Peter, Dieter: With leather straps on our butts...
Sven: And shiny spike-d boots.
Lars: Pound and pulp and slap and sap, we... (sniffs) Say, fellas, do you smell that?
That wet, moldy, musky, stinky, smelly, low-down smell of... beavers!
All: Beavers!


BMI Work # 4578912

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