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Singing lumberjacks invade the forest and the beaver brothers uses strategy to save the forest.

Episode Summary

The forest is being invaded by five European lumberjacks who not only chop down trees but sing musical-theater style. Norb and Dag are woken up to the sounds and are stunned by this. Norb tells Dag to calm down, although he knew it would be that time of day. Dag attempts to stop them once and for all until Norb restrains him and calls forth the Mystical Magic 7 Ball. Norb shakes it and chants "Oh, Mystical 7 Ball, how may we overcome the lumberjacks?" The ball answers "You will prevail through patience and superior tactics. Strategy #1: Confront and reason. Confront the lumberjack, reason with him, and he will go away". Dag goes skeptic over the ball and believes Norb paid a lot of money on it. Norb takes Dag along with him to confront and reason with the lumberjacks.

As the lumberjacks continue chopping down trees, they begin to smell the musk coming from the two beavers. Norb waves and says "Ah! Howdy! What's my neighbor?" The lumberjacks approach them and describes them as germ-breeding, tree-biting rats, which offends Dag. As Dag attempts to attack, them Norb restrains him making the lumberjacks laugh. Norb kindly confronts and reasons with the lumberjacks but without success. The lumberjacks sing "Sorry, stink-face, no can do. We claims these trees for us; not you". Instead, the lumberjacks give the two beavers sponge-baths.

Back at the dam, and all puffed up from the bath, Norb shakes the Magic 7 Ball and chants "Oh, Mystical 7 Ball, what next?" The ball answers "Strategy #2: Infiltrate and exaggerate. Befriend your enemy then convince him that there is another place much better than your place", much to Dag's dismay since "lumber-jerks hate beavers". Norb poses as a lumberjack in a French accent and with Dag disguised as his hat under the name Jacques Bokou. The lumberjacks introduce themselves to him: Lars, Sven, Peter, Dieter, and Achim. Norb sing to them to find another place to chop down trees. The lumberjacks agree but first they ask Norb to join them for a hearty breakfast. Norb does so.

Back at the camp, the lumberjacks have flapjacks and strong black coffee. Dag goes crazy and eats the flapjacks and asks for artificial sweetener for the coffee. The lumberjacks are stunned at this and take both beavers and trim them up into French poodles. Back at the dam, Norb shakes the Magic 7 Ball for more advice: "If you are reading this, you asked for artificial sweetener". Dag attempts to break the Magic 7 Ball, but Norb takes it away and chants "Oh, Mystical 7 Ball, what do we do?" The ball answers bluntly "Ask again later". Norb believes the ball is telling them to resort to violence. Dag runs out of the dam to get revenge.

Norb runs after him only to see that Dag failed yet again. His fur coat is used as a banner and is taking a sponge-bath and singing in a traumatized fashion: "I'm a germ-breeding, tree-chomping rat. A beaver's got no place, working lumber, that's that." Realizing that the lumberjacks broken him, Norb yells out "It's go time, you lumber-monkeys!" Norbert catches up with the lumberjack and slaps Lars in the face with Dag's fur coat screaming "Nobody makes my brother enjoy bathing and gets away with it! I challenge all you singing weirdos to a Timber-Rama!" Norb tells them whoever fells the most trees within 30 seconds wins and the losers would leave and never to terrorize the forest again. Lars sings "We accept. Prepare to meet your defeat!"

The Timber-Rama begins and chop down a lot of trees until they see the very last one named Ye Ol' Pete. The lumbers grab a giant axe as Norb tries to stop them but the lumberjacks trip over a still-traumatized Dag. Norb grabs Dag and heads to the ancient tree and successfully fells it down. Norb finally slaps Dag to snap out of it. The beavers won but the forest is completely barren. The lumberjacks drive away with all the logs ending their song. Dag sees the Magic 7 Ball which reads: "I can't believe you'd take advice from a plastic billiard ball replica". Norb tells Dag to get his ball-peen and framing hammers to destroy the Magic 7 Ball. Dag smiles viciously and says "Indeed!"


Background Information

  • The lumberjacks sings whenever they speak instead of talking normally.
  • The other lumberjacks' names (Sven, Peter, Dieter, and Achim) were mentioned by Lars.
  • Running gag: Daggett punctuating scenes by squeezing a sponge on himself and going "Eeeeehhhh!"

Production Information



  • When the opening credits are seen, Robert Hughes is listed twice as Animation Director, when the first instance should have shown who wrote the episode.
  • The Mystical 7-Ball is colored yellow, when in real life pool games, 7-balls are brown. 1-balls are yellow.


  • Broadway - The episode could be similar to a Broadway musical, due to the lumberjacks' constant singing.
  • Magic 8-Ball - A "plastic billiard ball replica" of the Magic 8-Ball, known as the Mystical 7-Ball, is shown throughout the episode.


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