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The Loogie Hawk is a large migratory bird that produces a sticky pink-colored phlegm.


Loogie Hawks are a rare species and make their nests atop high mountains. They produce a particularly sticky gelatinous mucus as a direct result of their annual migration from the North Pole to the industrial side of Tulsa, Oklahoma, which gives the bird a permanent head cold.

In spite of its rareness, the Loogie Hawk is a keystone species: the sticky substance it produces plays a critical ecological role in (literally) holding the forest together. If a Loogie Hawk is removed from its habitat, the forest will collapse in a surprisingly literal manner.


  • Despite the entire episode being revolved around it, the bird was not physically seen at all. The only thing close to it was when it was in the sack Norbert carried with him.
    • The bird most likely resembles a common Hawk.
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