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Forgot to Chew[]

Location: Norb and Dag's Dag - Morning (September 16, 1996)[]

(It's a beautiful sunny morning in the forest. The scene fades to the inside of the Beaver brothers' living room with Norbert watching TV. The camera isn't showing him and instead showing a view of the TV and his arm resting on the couch arm. A telethon is playing. It's called The Hopeless Cause Telethon and it's hosted by a man with ginger hair, a white shirt and black tie, both of which are sloppily put on, and is also holding a microphone. Above him is a pricetag with a dollar sign, followed by five zeroes, and then followed by a box with two zeroes in it.)

Telethon Host: (in a shaky voice) Please! Phone in your pledge to the Hopeless Cause telethon now! Remember, just because it's a hopeless cause doesn't mean we can't hope you'll phone in a pledge!

(Just then, Daggett comes walking downstairs in his usual footy pajamas and also holding a log that he chewed. He yawns and then scratches his stomach.)

Daggett: (noticed the TV is on) Norby...Did you leave the TV on last night?

(Daggett turns around and looks at Norbert, and then becomes shocked and drops the log.)

Daggett: What are you doing!?

Norbert: (off camera) Watching the telethon, Dag. You got a couple bucks?

Daggett: Forget about that! Look at your teeth!

(The camera cuts to Norbert with his front teeth very long and his mouth slightly open while smiling. Norb looks down and sees this but, unlike his brother, he is unconcerned. In fact, he's actually impressed with how long his teeth are.)

Norbert: (rubs his teeth) Interesting...

(Daggett then grabs his brother by the arm and runs to the bathroom. Once they arrive in the bathroom, Norbert then crashes into the mirror for a second, but then comes out completely fine.)

Norbert: (calmly while admiring his teeth in the mirror) Guess I forgot to chew.

(Daggett facepalms at his brother's ignorance.)

Daggett: You "forgot" to chew.

Norbert: (nods) Mhm.

Daggett: (grabs Norbert by his teeth) Did you also "forget" what will happen?

(Dag and Norb then head back to the living room, where the telethon is still playing.)

Telethon Host: This is hopeless!

(Daggett then grabs a VHS from his pajamas pocket, inserts it into the VHS player above the TV, and presses play. After a few seconds of static, a screen shows up with a logo for a company called "Big Claw Pictures" shows up. The screen then cuts to a black background with white text with the words "Why We Chew" showing up on screen.)

Bill Licking: Why We Chew!

(The screen then shows a picture of a realistic beaver.)

Bill Licking: Beavers are rodents. (then shows a photo of rabbits) Like rabbits... (then shows an upside down photo of a squirrel) Squirrels... (then shows a photo of a rat with glasses, a beret, a french striped shirt on, and a noseclip on it's nose) And the giant sewer rats from Paris you see in carnival sideshows.

(Cuts back to Norbert and Daggett watching the tape.)

Norbert: Actually those are Capybara, a large aquatic rodent native to the Amazon Basin. Carny folk tend to exaggerate.

(Daggett then shushes his brother by putting his hand on his mouth. The screen cuts back to the documentary, where it is now showing an outline of a beaver with it's brain on a grey background.)

Bill Licking: Like all rodents, a beaver's teeth are constantly growing. If they don't chew, their teeth could lock up their jaws or grow through their brains.

(As he's talking, the beaver's teeth start growing more and more, wrapping around it's body and eventually growing through it's brain poking out of it's skull, thus killing it and making it fall sideways. Cuts back to Daggett.)

Daggett: Eee!

Bill Licking: So chew, chew, chew everyday!

(Cuts back to the documentary, which now shows four beaver chewing on logs simultaneously over a background of the American flag.)

Bill Licking: It's the American Beaver way!

(Cuts back to Daggett saluting to the tape, with Norbert not near him.)

Norbert: Very informative.

(Cuts to Norbert at the hole in the floor leading to the pond and Daggett walking over to him.)

Norbert: (opens the hole) Now if you'll excuse me...I've been on the couch all weekend and I'm feeling a little funky...I'm going to take a swim.

(Norbert then dives into the water, thus making a big splash and getting some water on the floor.)

Daggett: Hmmm well fortunately for you, Norbert...

(Daggett then grabs something offscreen and brings it back. It's a belt sander.)

Daggett: I have my trusty belt sander... (tugs on the cord) With extra long waterproof power cord!

(Daggett then turns the device on as it makes a loud whirring noise. He then hops out of his pajamas and dives into the pond as well, with the sander.)

A Nice Relaxing Swim[]

Location: Int. Pond[]

(Cuts to Norbert underwater, swimming very gracefully as does a regular beaver when underwater, with Daggett swimming after him and giving chase. Daggett then reaches Norb and swims under him, with Norb noticing but now saying anything. Daggett then turns the belt sander on again, but doesn't realize there's a large patch of seaweed nearby, which he gets tangled in as many fish and also a lobster swim out from it. Norbert swims away just fine.)

Location: Ext. Pond - Moments Later[]

(Cuts to the shore of the pond, where a lizard sits on a rock. Norb then jumps out of the pond, scaring the lizard and causing it to run away. He shakes his fur to get all the water off and walks away. Daggett on the other hand, emerges from the pond completely tangled in kelp and seaweed and slowly crawls out of the pond. He then struggles to get out of the kelp for a second, but eventually gets unstuck and breathes heavily and angrily, with some plants stuck on his head.)

Location: Ext. The Forest - Continuous[]

(Norbert leans on a tree while Daggett walks over to him, with the plants still on his head.)

Daggett: You're making a large mistake brother!

(Norb then removes the plants from his brother's head and tosses them aside.)

Daggett: If you don't start chewing, you'll be in biiiiig trouble!

Norbert: (sarcastically) Oooh, I'm so scared.

(Norbert walks away, ignoring his brother's warnings while Daggett stands still.)

Free Tooth Inspection[]

(Norb continues walking, but then comes across a large white stand that makes him stop.)

Norbert: (reading something) Free tooth inspection?

(Just then, Daggett comes out from behind the stand in an orange wig, a fake mustache, a white coat, and glasses.)

Daggett: (in a German accent) Zat is correct!

(Norb then walks closer to the stand, smiling knowing it's Daggett and Dag leans closer to see his teeth.)

Daggett: Ach du lieber!

(He then brings out a tape measure and measures his brother's teeth. He rubs his eyes and looks again. Norbert then becomes slightly annoyed but still doesn't say anything.)

Daggett: Just as I thought! They are over the legal limit set by ze tartar conton... (Daggett starts hocking) ...regulations. Fortunately, ve can take care of zat!

(Just then, a dentist chair then comes out of the ground, making Norb sit on it and becomes surprised. Daggett then takes out a very large laser gun to try to incinerate Norb's teeth.)

Daggett: Zis zuper dental laser can cut through any tooth! You may feel a slight bu...urning sensahtion! (hacks again)

(Right when Daggett is about to pull the trigger, Norb then pulls out a mirror to deflect the beam. The beam instead hits the large sign above Dag, making it fall on him with a thud. Daggett then groans before spitting the sign out. Norbert then gets off the chair as it goes back in the ground and Daggett throws his costume off in frustration.)

Daggett: I give up. If you wanna let your teeth grow, I can't stop you!

Norbert: Dag...I was just having a little fun with ya...If it means that much to you I'll go find a big tree right now and wear these choppers down.

Daggett: Super!

(Dag then hops down from the stand and starts walking with Norbert.)

The New Boss Rodent[]

Daggett: Let's go!

(Just then, a large shadow covers Norb and Dag as they stop in their tracks. Turns out, it's their friend Big Rabbit, who is a large rabbit with a New Jersey accent. He is joined by a Muskrat and Squirrel.)

Big Rabbit: Hey guys. Check out the Norb-man's teeth.

(Big Rabbit walks over to Norb and looks at his teeth for a second.)

Big Rabbit: Norb. You are the coolest.

(Norbert then wipes his head and sighs in relief. Just then, the squirrel jumps in front of Norbert and looks at his teeth as well.)

Squirrel: are like totally are...

Muskrat: Man...I used to think I was cool...

Big Rabbit: Let's spread the word. (jabs Norbert in the arm) There's a new boss rodent, and his name is Norb.

(Big Rabbit then flicks Norb's nose as it springs for a bit. Then the three walk away while snapping their fingers. Daggett walks two steps forward and snorts three times while Norbert stands still smiling and his arms crossed.)

Daggett: Can you believe those guys? What a bunch of wierdos. Let's go bite a tree!

Norbert: You go ahead, Daggy-O.

Daggett: Eh?

Norbert: I gotta flip some jive and lay down a vibe with some hep rads.

Daggett: (confused) Eh...What are you talking about?

Norbert: Man you are so square you must be from... (draws a square in the air with his hands) Squaresville, man.

(Norb then walks off, his square still standing.)

Daggett: (betrayed) But...You said you were going to take care of your teeth!

Love for Long Teeth[]

Location: Int. The Forest - Later[]

(The scene fades to later. The camera pans through some trees and reveals Dag is chewing on a log on a cob in a secluded area of the forest. Some birds are flying above him.)

Daggett: (talking to himself with his mouth full.) Fine! Don't chew! Just don't come crying to me when your teeth are growing out of your nose...MAN!

(Daggett then starts gnawing on the log very fast and rapid, sounding like a jackhammer in the process. After a few seconds, he stops after he hears the squirrel talking to Norbert.)

Squirrel: Hey, Norby! Check out my teeth!

(Cuts to Norbert and the Squirrel, who now also has long teeth and shows them to Norbert.)

Squirrel: (points to his teeth) Whaddaya think?

(Norbert snaps his fingers in approval while Daggett peeks from behind a rock. He sees Norbert with Big Rabbit, Muskrat, and Squirrel from earlier, but there's also a gopher, raccoon, porcupine, and an opossum. Daggett is completely shocked and frozen in place, while the log on a cob falls off his incisors. Just then a female beaver named Treeflower, Norbert's girlfriend of two months that he first met at an outdoor rock concert, walks over to him while he's in a manly pose for her.)

Treeflower: Your teeth look so dangerous... (seductively) Can I touch them?

Norbert: (prideful) Knock yourself out, dollface.

Treeflower: (feels Norbert's teeth softly) Oooohh... (aroused) ...Norby... (swooning for him) You're so cool... (cuddles next to him) You're giving me chills...

(Treeflower giggles as Norbert smiles proudly. She also flutters her eyelashes to him. Meanwhile, Daggett watches completely jealous from behind the rock while still eating the log on a cob. This ends up being the last straw for Daggett, as he is now completely jealous and enraged at the attention his brother is getting for basically almost killing himself by letting his teeth grow out.)

Daggett: (mouthful) If he can be Mr. Cool... (spits out the log and tosses it aside) So can I! (grunts angrily)

So Can I![]

Location: Int. Norb and Dag's Bathroom - Later[]

(The scene fades to Norb and Dag's bathroom, where Dag is holding a glass bottle that says "Quick Grow" on it. It's plant food and he's going to use it to try to grow his teeth.)

Daggett: Quick Grow Plant Food... (chuckles and reads the label) Pour on and stand back.

(Daggett does exactly that and pours the plant food on a toothbrush. He then starts brushing his incisors with it and lots of foam starts to form around Dag's head. His eyes pop out of the foam and he throws the foam into the sink. He checks in the mirror to see if it grew his teeth, which it did not. Suddenly, a flower sprouts from Dag's teeth, catching his attention.)

Daggett: Eh?

(Just then, more flowers sprout all over his face and eventually becomes an entire bush. Then, many trees such as pine trees, palm trees, and even a Christmas tree start to sprout from Dag's head and eventually bursting through the roof of the dam.)

Location: Int. Norb and Dag's Living Room - Later[]

(Dag now has a rope tied to his teeth. The camera pans over to reveal the rope is connected to multiple horses, one of them neighing will looking at Dag. Dag then shoots a ping pong ball gun as the horses try to go forward, as this is another method Dag uses to try to make his teeth longer. The horses struggle to go farther and the rope starts to snap. The rope eventually does snap, causing Dag to tumble all the way back to the bathroom and fall into the toilet head first as the toilet seat falls on him.)

Mr. Copybeaver![]

Location: Ext. Norb and Dag's Dam - Morning (September 17, 1996)[]

(It is the next morning, and the sun rises over the dam. The camera pans out to reveal a bear standing on a rock, and it then starts crowing like a rooster.)

Location: Int. Norb and Dag's Bathroom - Morning[]

(Norb feels his long teeth again and looking at himself in the mirror. Just then, Daggett then walks right next to Norb and now his teeth are long as well. Norb takes notice of this.)

Norbert: Well looky here...I thought growing your teeth is soooo dangerous...

Daggett: You're not the only boss groovy righteous dude around here! MAN!

Norbert: You're just a little copybeaver!

Daggett: (speaking over Norbert) Am not! Am not! Am not! Am not! Am not! Am not! Am not! AM NOT!

Norbert: (speaking over Daggett) Are too. Are too. Are too. (walks out of the bathroom) Are too. Are too. ARE TOO!

(Right after Norb leaves, Daggett goes up to the mirror and admires his teeth. However, they soon start jiggling a bit and then spring out of his face, causing Dag to step back and scream for a second. He then repositions his teeth correctly again, but after a few seconds, they then wrap around his nose for a bit and become messed up again. Dag then runs to the kitchen to grab something from the cabinet. He then gets twist ties.)

Daggett: These oughta do the trick!

(Dag then wraps his teeth in the twist ties while smiling.)

Excellent Dentage[]

Location: Int. The Forest - Later[]

(Cuts to later in the forest, where Norbert is walking with his long teeth with a prideful expression on his face. Soon after, Dag starts walking next to him as Norb scowls at him.)

Daggett: Am not.

Norbert: Are too.

(The scene fades to hours later, where Norb and Dag now have fancy outfits. Norb is wearing a red baret, a gold necklace with an N on it, and a brown ball cane. Dag has a turquoise baret, a gold necklace with a D on it, and a grey ball cane. They pass by the gopher from the crowd earlier, who now also has long teeth.)

Gopher: Norbert! Daggett! Excellent dentage!

Norbert: (walks up to the Gopher) Slap me cinco digitos my man...

(They then do an up high and down low high five to each other as Norb walks off. Then Dag runs up to him with his hand raised.)

Daggett: Slap me um...uh... (struggles while the Gopher opens his eyes) Clinko...thingos...whatever...too! My man.

(Dag then goes for one, but the Gopher then tricks him by moving his hand at the last second and then shoving him away. Cuts back to Norb, who is now doing a cakewalk dance with his thumb to his chest. Dag then follows him doing a cakewalk as well.)

Norbert: Copybeaver...

Daggett: Am not.

Norbert: Are too.

Long in the Teeth[]

Location: Int. The Forest - The Next Day (September 18, 1996)[]

(Fades to the next day, where Norb and Dag now have pimp outfits and their teeth being even longer than before. Norb now has a pink hat with a yellow feather on it, a pink pimp coat, and purple pimp shoes. Dag now has a green hat with a blue feather on it, a yellow, orange, and blue fuzzy pimp coat on, and green pimp shoes. They pass by the opossum, raccoon, and muskrat from before who all now have long teeth.)

Forest Animals: Oh wow nice teeth there! You got a couple a big ones! Oh boy! Those are huge!

(The scene then cuts to a bird with long teeth, who ends up getting stuck in a tree and his feathers come off. His head is stuck in a hole of the tree because of his long teeth. Then, the fish start jumping from the river while swimming, and also have long teeth. They arrive at a waterfall but once they arrive, their teeth get stuck in the rock and they can't get out. The scene then cuts to a squirrel trying to cross a powerline, but his long teeth get caught in an electrical outlet sending him crashing back to where he was before, completely charred and making him slide all the way down to the ground. After that, Norb and Dag's friend Barry gets his long teeth caught in a bee hive trying to get honey but ends up getting chased by bees while screaming and running away. A deer with long teeth then crosses through the forest, but ends up tripping on a rock from his teeth and falling over head first. After that, Norb and Dag walk by with their pimp outfits still.)

Norbert: Copybeaver!

Daggett: Am not!

Norbert: Are too!

Location: Int. Norb and Dag's Bathroom - The Next Morning (September 19, 1996)[]

(The scene fades to the next morning. Daggett is admiring his teeth in the bathroom mirror and still wearing his pimp shoes from the day before.)

Daggett: Hey Norby! Check it out!

(Dag touches his teeth slightly but then, his teeth completely wrap around his head in the shape of a turban, making him jump off of the stool and out of his shoes. He tries to tug at his teeth to fix it, but they wrap around his nose.)

Daggett: (pleading for his brother) Help! Norb come quick!

Norbert: I got troubles of my own!

(It's revealed that Norb's teeth have grown into the shape of a ball which he's trapped inside. He's rolling towards Dag very fast.)

Daggett: Not that quick!

(Dag runs away as Norb charges towards him. He runs down the stairs as Norb runs him over, flattening him. Dag gets up and Norb rolls up a wall and back down, crashing into Dag and both of them start flying all around the house. Norb ends up getting caught on a ceiling light as he screams. Dag starts bouncing all around the house on a beanbag, then on the ceiling, then on the floor and wall, into a stereo system in the house, then on a couch, and then back onto the floor where he regains his balance.)

Daggett: Hey Norby, where are ya!?

(Norb then falls down from the ceiling onto Dag as he gets caught in Norb's teeth as well. They both start rolling around the house.)

Daggett: This is all your fault! Growing out teeth long was your idea!

Norbert: Oh like I made you do it, you little crybeaver!

(Dag screams as both of them fall into the hole that leads to the pond. They both tumble underwater while screaming. Dag occasionally gets his head out of the water to breathe, and also gets a fish caught in his mouth. They then tumble out of the water and onto a tree branch, where they get stuck like a fish on a hook.)

Daggett: This is nuts!

(Just then, Big Rabbit, Muskrat, and Squirrel come back, and also a Snake joins them.)

Big Rabbit: (laughing) Hahahaha! Check it out!

(Big Rabbit then pulls down the branch that the beavers are stuck on.)

Big Rabbit: They still got their teeth long!

(Big Rabbit lets go of the branch, sending them back into the air.)

Muskrat: Man...You are so out of it...

(The three then laugh at the beavers. The snake them comes slithering by them.)

Snake: (speaking like Forrest Gump) Mom said never swallow anything bigger than a rat but uh...

(The camera cuts out to reveal the Snake has swallowed an entire moose and burps.)

Snakes: (chuckles) What does she know?

Squirrel: You're the wildest! Tomorrow I'm gonna unhinge my jaw and swallow and elk!

(The four of them laugh at the beavers once more before heading off. Norb and Dag watch, completely crushed, knowing that their newfound popularity is gone.)

Daggett: They laughed at us...

Norbert: We don't need them...we don't need anyone...

(Moment of silence for a few seconds.)

Daggett: Actually...we kinda do...Help...

Norbert: Hey...hey guys...Yo my brothers...Come on...

Daggett: Come back...We'll give you a dollar!

Norbert: Hello...?

Stuck in a Tree[]

(Fades to hours later, where Norb and Dag are still in a tree. It's sunset now.)

Dagget: Norb?

Norbert: What?

Dagget: I guess Mom and Dad told us that stuff about our teeth for our own good...Huh?

Norbert: (sighs) Leave me alone...

(Fade to that night. Norb and Dag are still in the tree.)

Daggett: Help...anybody...Help!

Forest Animals: (yelling) SHUT UP!

(Pause for a few seconds.)

Daggett: (defeated) Okay...

Location: Ext. The Forest - Morning (September 20, 1996)[]

(It's now the next morning. The bear from a few days prior crows again.)

Daggett: Morning, Norb...

Norbert: Morning, Daggett...

(The bear crows again.)

Daggett: Norb...What's wrong with that bear?

Norbert: I have no idea...