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Norb grows his teeth too long, which becomes a fashion statement at first, but causes problems in everyday life.

Episode Summary

Dag wakes up one morning to find Norb sitting on their couch watching a telethon from the night before. He points out how long his brother's teeth have grown, and Norb casually mentions that he must have "forgotten" to chew. Dag reminds him what happens to beavers who don't chew: their teeth keep growing until they wrap around their jaws and grow through their brains, killing them. Norb however seems unconcerned and swims away.

After much pleading from Dag, Norb promises his brother that he will start chewing again to wear down his teeth. At that moment he runs into a group of forest animals who express their admiration for his teeth and declare him the coolest animal in the forest. Norb decides to forego his promise to his brother and embraces his newfound popularity. Dag tries at first to ignore it, but when he sees Norbert get attention from a female beaver, his jealousy soon gets the better of him and decides to grow out his teeth as well.

After trying various methods to artificially lengthen them, Dag finally grows out his teeth, causing Norb to call his brother a "copybeaver." Dag's teeth begin to grow out of control, forcing him to keep them tied together with twist ties. Though the other forest animals soon begin to realize how impractical their long teeth are, Norb and Dag still follow the trend.

As Dag admires himself in the mirror, his teeth suddenly wrap around his jaw and head in the shape of a turban. He cries for Norb's help, but Norb's teeth have grown into the shape of a ball which rolls speeding towards Dag. After rolling through their dam and out into the forest, the two beavers end up hanging from a tree branch. The other animals in the forest come by to mock them and leave them to their fate. Left to hang in the forest all night, Norb and Dag realize that their newfound popularity has gone.

Background Information

Production Information


  • During the documentary video, the narrator said that rabbits are rodents like beavers, squirrels and capybara. Rabbits and hares are actually lagomorphs, not rodents along with the pika.


  • Forrest Gump - The snake in this episode is based on the titular character.


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