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Norb grows his teeth too long, which becomes a fashion statement at first, but causes problems in everyday life.

Episode Summary[]



Dag wakes up one morning to find Norb sitting on their couch watching a telethon from the night before. He points out how long his brother's teeth have grown, and Norb casually mentions that he must have "forgotten" to chew. Dag reminds him what happens to beavers who don't chew: their teeth keep growing until they wrap around their jaws and grow through their brains, killing them. Norb however seems unconcerned and swims away.


Norbert and his girlfriend, Treeflower

After much pleading from Dag, Norb promises his brother that he will start chewing again to wear down his teeth. At that moment he runs into a group of forest animals who express their admiration for his teeth and declare him the coolest animal in the forest. Norb decides to forego his promise to his brother and embraces his newfound popularity. Dag tries at first to ignore it, but when he sees Norb getting attention from his girlfriend Treeflower, his jealousy soon gets the better of him and he decides to grow out his teeth as well.

After trying various methods to artificially lengthen them, Dag finally grows out his teeth, causing Norb to call his brother a "copybeaver." Dag's teeth begin to grow out of control, forcing him to keep them tied together with twist ties. Though the other forest animals soon begin to realize how impractical their long teeth are, Norb and Dag still follow the trend.

As Dag admires himself in the mirror, his teeth suddenly wrap around his jaw and head in the shape of a turban. He cries for Norb's help, but Norb's teeth have grown into the shape of a ball which rolls speeding towards Dag. After rolling through their dam and out into the forest, the two beavers end up hanging from a tree branch. The other animals in the forest come by to mock them and leave them to their fate. Left to hang in the forest all night, Norb and Dag realize that their newfound popularity has gone.


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Production Information[]

  • This episode was originally entitled "Calling Dr. Deerkiller".[1]
    • The plot was originally about Daggett taking Norbert to the dentist because good teeth are important for making a good first impression and them having to survive their trip to the dentist Dr. Deerkiller's office. The ending was the brothers realizing that they have to come back in six months.
  • According to Mario D'Anna, this was the second episode of the series in production order after "Born to Be Beavers".
    • This episode started production a few weeks after "Born to Be Beavers".
  • According to Mitch Schauer, the idea of this episode was developed from the fact that since beaver teeth never stop growing, they have to constantly chew otherwise their teeth will grow through their brains, killing them.[2]
  • Despite premiering on April 27, 1997, multiple clips from this episode were shown in a promo for the world premiere of the series on April 19, 1997.
  • Treeflower is seen in this episode admiring Norb's teeth. However, they technically do not meet until the second to last episode of the first season titled "Bummer of Love." This episode takes place after "Bummer of Love", because Treeflower knows who Norbert is and even addresses him as "Norby."
    • Furthermore, "Bummer of Love" (along with "Tree of Hearts") is considered somewhat of a prequel to this episode.
  • Treeflower's voice is slightly higher in this episode than it is in all her other appearances.
  • A promo was made for this episode in 1997.[3]
  • This episode aired on October 7, 2015 at 1:00 AM on "The Splat."[4]
  • This episode, along with "A Dam Too Far" aired on October 15, 2016 on NickSplat.
  • On April 19, 2017, TeenNick's "The Splat", aired this episode along with "A Dam Too Far" at 11:38pm during the celebration of the 20th anniversary marathon.[5]


  • This episode introduces Barry Bear, Big Rabbit, and Treeflower.
  • This episode contains many firsts:
    • The first episode where the word "Spoot" is not used.
    • The first time Norbert and Daggett have an "Am not/Are too!" argument.
    • The first episode to premiere on a Sunday, along with "A Dam Too Far."
    • The first episode where Norbert is shown dating a female, specifically Treeflower.
    • The first episode where a character other than Daggett calls Norbert "Norby."
    • The first episode where the beavers swim.
  • When Daggett is looking at Norb's teeth as the Tooth Inspector, he says "Ach du lieber!" This translates to "Oh my god!" in English.
  • The opening shot of Norb and Dag's dam was reused in both "You Promised!" and "Kandid Kreatures."
  • Innuendo: Treeflower gets aroused when rubbing Norb's teeth.
  • This is the first episode that aired that takes place in September, when according to the Timeline "Mission to the Big, Hot, Thingy" is the first episode to take place in September.
  • Despite this being the second segment in the second episode pairing of Season 1, this takes place before it's sister episode "A Dam Too Far."
  • Norbert and Daggett would later grow their teeth to be long again in the Season 3 episode "Up All Night II: Up All Day. The Reckoning."
    • However, that time it was accidental due to them sleeping in for a thousand years.
    • Furthermore, that episode takes place months before this episode. So technically, this episode is the second time Norbert and Daggett have grown their front teeth to be long.
  • Foreshadowing: Bill Licking says in the documentary that when beavers don't chew, their teeth will wrap around their jaws. This same thing eventually happens to Norbert and Daggett around the end of the episode.
  • This episode, along with "A Dam Too Far" make up the first pair of episodes to take place after Norbert met Treeflower.
    • Norbert met Treeflower in July 1996, whereas this episode takes place in September 1996 and it's sister episode takes place in November 1996.
  • Most of the characters in the episode who admired Norbert's long teeth were all male. Treeflower, his girlfriend, was the only female to notice them.
  • Music from this episode would later be reused in "Three Dag Nite", "The Big Frog", "Oh, Brother?", "Euro Beavers", "Sang 'Em High" and "Big Fun."
  • If one looks closely during the Free Tooth Inspection scene, the ruler that Daggett uses on Norbert confirms that Norbert's teeth were six inches long during the beginning of the episode.


  • During the documentary video, the narrator said that rabbits are rodents like beavers, squirrels, and capybara. Rabbits and hares are actually lagomorphs, not rodents.
  • When Norbert and Daggett are walking past the deer laying on the ground, Norbert has sharp teeth like Daggett.
    • This also happens earlier in the episode when he wipes his forehead with his arm in relief after Big Rabbit compliments his teeth.
    • This also happens later in the episode for three frames when Big Rabbit criticizes them for still having long teeth.
  • For one frame after Daggett chews himself out from being wrapped in seaweed, his nose is brown instead of red.
  • When Daggett says the line "What a bunch of weirdos," he has separate eyebrows like Norbert instead of his monobrow.
    • This also happens when his eyes pop out of the foam made by the plant food on his tooth brush.
  • When Daggett turns on his belt sander before diving into the water, his pajamas sleeve is white instead of orange.
  • When Norbert says to Daggett, "I'm going to take a swim," his eyebrows are unusually thick.
  • During the scene at sunset where Daggett tells Norbert about how their parents told them all that stuff about their teeth, Norb and Dag's mouths don't move at all.
  • When Norbert snaps his fingers to the squirrel, the light part of his nose is outlined in black.
  • When Treeflower is flirting with Norbert, a portion of the outline of her hair is missing for a few scenes.
  • In the close up of Daggett with the rope tied around his teeth right before the rope snaps, a section of the rope is not colored in for a few frames.
  • When Norbert and Daggett stop as a large shadow looms over them, Daggett's sharp teeth aren't visible while they're closed.
    • This also happens when he spits out log on a cob.
    • This also happens when he and Norbert are walking in the forest just before the transition of them in their fancy outfits.
  • During the scene where Daggett tells Norbert that growing their teeth long was his idea, it's just reused looping animation of the same scene as they're rolling towards the hole in their floor that leads to the pond.
  • When Daggett is chewing the wood on a cob very fast, his front teeth are missing in a few frames.


  • The episode's title is a reference to the saying "long in the tooth", which is a euphemism for aging.
  • Forrest Gump - The snake in this episode is based on the titular character.
  • Dexter's Laboratory - Daggett's costume as the Free Tooth Inspector is modeled after the titular character.
  • Horse pulling - Daggett tries this as one method to make his teeth longer.


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