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This article is a complete list of deleted or cut scenes from The Angry Beavers episodes. A deleted scene is any scene or bit of an episode that has been cut out of either the storyboard version, DVD releases, or in reruns after the original airing. A scene may also be cut from the episode after its initial airing.

Season 1[]

A Dam Too Far[]

The plot was originally about Daggett wanting to enlist in the military and bringing Norbert but ends up serving under Roger Badger (a deleted character).[1]

Long in the Teeth[]

The plot was originally about Daggett taking Norbert to the dentist because good teeth are important for making a good first impression and them having to survive their trip to Dr. Deerkiller's office. The ending was the brothers realizing that they have to come back in six months.[2]

Gift Hoarse[]

The episode was originally supposed to take place on Norbert & Daggett’s birthday and not Arbor Day.[3]

  • If the creators had actually gone through with this plan, then this episode would most likely take place on March 6, 1997, given how Norbert and Daggett’s birthday is March 6, 1978.

Beach Beavers a Go-Go[]

The plot was originally about Norbert and Daggett at the beach being bullied by Rodger Badger and trying to compete him in everything,[4]

Muscular Beaver[]


There was originally a scene of Norbert roasting jalapeños over a grill, as seen in the original storyboards. This scene was cut for unknown reasons and was replaced with him reading a newspaper instead.


In the original version, Norbert was afraid of the cricket and not Daggett.

Guess Who’s Stumping to Dinner?[]

The episode was originally about Norbert/Stig and Daggett meeting Stump and them being guilt tripped into worshiping him and letting him invite his gang over to the dam.[5]

Bummer of Love[]

As revealed by Mario D. Anna, the illegible part of the note Treeflower left to Norbert implies that the two of them had sex that night during the episode. This wasn't shown for obvious reasons.

Season 2[]

Beaver Fever[]

As revealed by Mario D. Anna, the episode was originally 22 minutes and had 80 pages of scrapped storyboards. The content of those storyboards is unclear, and the episode was made shorter for timing reasons.

Tree of Hearts[]

As reveled from the original script, there are several deleted scenes from the script that never made it into the finished episode.[6]

  • There was more dialogue between Norbert and Daggett about Daggett eating all the Instant Wood.
  • There was originally supposed to be a flashback to "Bummer of Love" when Norbert was getting ready.
  • There was a scene of Truckee and Daggett having a confrontation before Treeflower arrived.
  • Treeflower had a deleted line during the scene of Norbert ignoring her.
  • There was a deleted scene of Daggett making a fake detour sign for Truckee to get lost in the North Pole, much like he tried to do with Stump in "Guess Who's Stumping to Dinner?". This would've taken place before the scene where Tina gets built.
  • After Treeflower leaves sadly, Truckee would've arrived back with Eskimos and penguins stuck on his truck from the North Pole and hit Norbert and Daggett with his truck.
  • The scene with Norbert in a shrew disguise trying to trick Treeflower was originally longer.
  • The scene where Norbert and Treeflower apologize for what happened was originally slightly longer.
  • The ending argument between Norbert and Daggett originally took place in the street and not in the dam.

Alley Oops[]

This episode had a very well known case of censorship. Originally at one point Norbert was to say to Daggett, "Shut up, stupid!" replying to when Dag said "You stink." However, the president of Nickelodeon at the time Herb Scannell, did not want this in the episode because he believed, "I don't like it when children say 'Shut up,' so if we never say it on our show, children will never say it in the real world". Writer Micah Wright, expressed his frustrations with this as he said, "That's not how the world works."[7]

  • Their first attempt at censoring this was simply bleeping out the word "Shut" in the original airing of the episode from 1998. However, Nickelodeon received major complaints from this due to the fact that it sounded like Norbert was actually swearing at Daggett. Their second attempt was simply redubbing over the line with "Shush up." This version is now shown on all television airings, home media releases, and streaming services.
  • However, the phrase "Shut up" has been said in previous episodes such as in “Long in the Teeth", "Go Beavers!", “Food of the Clods”, and even episodes that come after this one,

Season 3[]

Sang ‘Em High[]

According to a podcast with John Derevlany, there was supposed to be a scene where Laverta Lutz coughed so hard her lung came out of her mouth and dangled from her chin. This scene was cut most likely due to its graphic nature.[8]

Kreature Komforts[]

The plot was originally about Daggett bringing Norbert to the big city to get cultured and being fooled by Bernie the sewer rat pretending to be their long lost beaver cousin.[9]

  • It was also planned to be a Season 1 episode.

Slap Happy[]

Originally, the ending scene was longer. After Leonard, Daggett, and Slap Johnson swam off, Norbert and the wolf that tried to attack them end up slapping their tails and singing together. This scene was cut for unknown reasons, but it was most likely cut for either time constraints or to make Norbert not seem like a hypocrite.

Strange Allure[]


Originally, Daggett fell in love with Angel Eyes when he first encounters her and not during the surgery scene.

Season 4[]


As revealed on Micah Wright’s website, original plot of the episode was a logger is hit in the head by a falling tree, loses his memory and is adopted by Norbert and Daggett, eventually becoming "Tor, Lord of the Beavers”. This idea was scrapped and later rewritten into the episode “Damnesia”.[10]