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Leonard Beaver is the husband of Rose Beaver and the father of Norbert, Daggett, Stacy, and Chelsea.

Physical Appearance

Leonard is a normal American beaver with blond fur (with a crew cut), a monobrow, a cleft chin, and a light purple nose. He wears black-rimmed glasses and a watch on his left wrist. He is obuse because he has a big plump belly. He is often seen holding a wooden tobacco pipe.[2][3]

In the episode "A Little Dad'll Do You", he wore a purple shirt with white-and-green flowers and a light blue collar and cuffs and also blue and light blue striped pants. Under that, is a white sleeveless shirt/tank top and lime green shorts.


Leonard was first seen in the first episode, "Born to Be Beavers". He appeared throughout the series after he kicked his sons out of the house.


  • In "Born to Be Beavers," he has separate eyebrows like his wife, eldest son, eldest daughter, and Slap Johnson. However, starting with "If You In-Sisters," he has a monobrow like his younger son and youngest daughter.
  • He did not appear at all in Season 4, with Season 3's "Slap Happy" being his final appearance in the series.


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