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Rose Beaver[]

Leonard and Rose are shown to be in a very happy marriage, as portrayed in the first episode "Born to Be Beavers." Not much is known about their relationship since it was never really shown as much as other romantic relationships like Norbert and Treeflower's, but there have been multiple instances where Leonard has been shown to love his wife a lot.

In "A Little Dad'll Do You", around the end of the episode he reveals to his sons that the reason why he came to their dam in the first place was because Rose brought Stacy and Chelsea to their grandma's for that weekend, leaving Leonard to feel very lonely. He also reveals to them that he gave Rose a shoelace on their first date and she's been using it to floss her teeth ever since.

In "Home Loners", there is a framed photo in Norbert and Daggett's dam showing both of them together.

Norbert Beaver[]

Leonard and Norbert have a very one-sided unrequited relationship. Leonard does care about Norbert very much, however Norbert always feels embarrassed around his father and always gets upset whenever he is obnoxious.

This is best shown in "A Little Dad'll Do You", where throughout the entire episode Leonard and Daggett both act obnoxious to Norbert. He does stuff like accidentally push his son off a tire swing, passes gas on him, towel whips him once Norbert comes out of the shower, remodeling the entire dam with Daggett's help (without permission from Norbert). Later on, Leonard hears someone ring the doorbell and answers it, finding out that it is Norbert's girlfriend Treeflower, whom he invites into the house. She explains she was coming to visit Norbert (whom she refers to by her affectionate nickname for him, "Norby"). Once Leonard hears Treeflower call Norbert "Norby", he asks his son if she is his girlfriend, with Norbert trying to say "Yes" but being very nervous due to being under pressure. However once Leonard assumes that she is Daggett's girlfriend (which she is not), Norbert gets defensive and Leonard realizes that he is in fact dating Treeflower. Out of pure and absolute embarrassment, Norbert screams completely horrified. This causes Treeflower to eventually get scared off, thus causing Norbert to be heartbroken. Leonard tells Norbert that he "wouldn't be surprised if she never talks to him again" and he "always knew Daggett was the real ladies man of the family." This ends up being the last straw for Norbert, as he threatens to call their mother on him.

As revealed in a flashback in “Pack Your Dags”, it’s shown that Norbert has felt this was about his father since childhood.

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