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L.G. Algae is the main villain from "Pond Scum". He is a wicked Pond Scum who is known to possess Norbert by going inside his head to do evil deeds.

Physical Appearance[]

He is a semi-transparent lime green amorphous life form with red pupils, yellow eyes, and long eyelashes (despite being a male).


When the ball is landed next to a giant mad turtle while the Beaver brothers are playing, and Norbert tricked Daggett that turtles are blind, when Daggett grabs the ball, the turtle chases after Daggett . Then Norbert stepped on a pond scum named LG Algae and introduces to Norbert and congratulated him for what he did to Daggett. The Pond Scum wants Norbert to hang out for awhile, and he forced Nobert to perform many evil tasks, like collapsing one of Big Rabbit construction causing him to fall. And he has him to release a mad bull, greased someone's break pedal, and being irresponsible with a molten steel. Then Norbert tell LG Algae to leave, the pond scum goes into head and control his mind and action to perform more evil task. When Daggett notices the sudden change in his brother's personality and he attempts to help him by battling against LG Algae. While riding a motorcyle, Pond Scum dares Daggett to drive to a waterfall, they did which causes Pond Scum to falls out of Norbert. When LG Algae walks out, he falls into a waterfall and into the river.


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