When one of Norbert and Daggett's relatives shows up at the dam, he convinces them to give up their personal possessions in order to embrace their beaver instinct. The two beaver brothers agree to give it a shot, though they start to get the feeling that there's something different about their new friend.

Episode Summary

Background Information

  •  One of Norbert and Daggett's relatives is an ordinary beaver from the live action sequence.

Production Information

  • This is the first episode of The Angry Beavers to have been done digitally instead of traditionally.


  • The lumberjack in the video game Dag was playing at the beginning of the episode is the same one from "Lumberjacks' Delight."


  • Snakes and Ladders - El Grapadura and Ladders is a parody of the ancient Indian board game (Chutes and Ladders in the United States).


"The Loogie Hawk"
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