Kid Friendly Song 4", performed by the late Waylon Jennings as the Balladeer with three singing cows, is the fourth of five stanzas from "The Legend of Kid Friendly".


Balladeer: Now, that big ol' blast didn't kill the Kid, but it straightened out Dag's undies.

Singers: Undies!

Balladeer: Just when it would be real nice for him to be real ornery. Unless the boys can find a way to stop the robot Kid.

Singers: Robot Kid!

Balladeer: There would be a pair of smiling stiffs... with their undies unbundled.

Singers: Unbundled.

He'll kill ya with kindness!
He'll kill ya with a grin!
Kid Friendly!

Balladeer: Don't you mess around with him.


BMI Work #4812190

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