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Kid Friendly Song 4

Kid Friendly Song 4", performed by the late Waylon Jennings as the Balladeer with three singing cows, is the fourth of five stanzas from "The Legend of Kid Friendly".

Song credits[]


Balladeer: Now, that big ol' blast didn't kill the Kid, but it straightened out Dag's undies.

Singers: Undies!

Balladeer: Just when it would be real nice for him to be real ornery. Unless the boys can find a way to stop the robot Kid.

Singers: Robot Kid!

Balladeer: There would be a pair of smiling stiffs... with their undies unbundled.

Singers: Unbundled.

He'll kill ya with kindness!
He'll kill ya with a grin!
Kid Friendly!

Balladeer: Don't you mess around with him.

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