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Dag tries to get Norb's toy duck away from the help of a mystical creature.

Episode Summary

Dag is reading the articles in the tabloids about a legendary Bigfoot-like creature called Big Byoo-Tox until he sees Norb get a mail order via package. Norb ordered a toy duck called Duck-and-Cover Duck from Notel, which can fool others into thinking they're broken when they come apart but can be easily put back together, even from a feather. Dag wants to play with it, but Norb refuses to let him play with it due to his roughhousing. Dag tries to take it from him by camouflaging himself below a pine tree but without success.

Angered by this, he rants on to steal the duck away from him until he runs into a guy named Harrington, who Dag believes is Big Byoo-Tox. Although he really isn't Big Byoo-Tox, Harrington tells Dag "If you put your head to it, you can do, uh, anything". Dag then asks him for help to be elusive and sneaky in order to steal Norb's toy. Harrington is then escorted back to the dam.

Dag sees Norb in their bedroom playing with his duck and tells Harrington to do his stuff. Harrington turns to the wall and closes his eyes. Norb walks out and says "Dagga-lagga-loco, don't think I don't see you" to Dag's amazement thinking that his brother didn't notice him. Dag then goes downstairs and tells Harrington to do his stuff. Harrington lies on the floor and puts the rug on top of him.

Dag then walks by Norb closing his eyes, but goes out of the house instead talking to himself. He walks to the cliff and back to the dam and even interrupts a board game played by Barry, Wolffe, and a skunk. Norb tells Dag to stop with all the sneaking around. Dag is amazed again with Harrington's elusive ways. Harrington says he goes with the flow, which confused Dag.

While Norb watches an Oxnard Montalvo movie with 3D glasses with his duck, Harrington stands in front of the TV blocking the screen. Norb says "Cool! It's seems so real!" thinking it was part of the movie. Harrington woofs like a dog but Dag shushes him and offers him Ho-Humms doughnuts. Dag tells him "he was right out in plain sight". Harrington replies "Sometimes it's the best place to hide, I guess". Dag attempts to do what Harrington did but to no success. Norb taunts him making his duck quack as Dag vows to get his duck with the help of Harrington. Norb is still skeptical about this.

Meanwhile, Norb builds a huge slide for his toy duck. Dag is attempting to get the duck once more until Harrington tells him "Those are pretty negative waves, baby. Remember, positive waves equal..." Dag waits for the answer until Harrington continues eating doughnuts. Dag then chants "Positive waves" continuously to get the answer straight and climbs up the slide to get the duck. He misses and yells out "Positive waves mistake!" and slides down the very long slide like a bobsled while he screams. Norb dully says "Weren't so wrong, it would be beautiful". Dag continues screaming until he comically takes out a flower and hits the floor and says "Big Byoo-Tox" in a tremulous tone. Norb gets his duck back unharmed. Norb then tells Dag "Just admit it. Even with Big Byoo-Tox, your imaginary, secret, sneaky coach, you still can't sneak up on me!"

Norb then finally walks up to Harrington, who waves hi to him and tells him he is out of Ho Humms and that he is leaving. Norb tells Dag "Pretty scary, Dag, but he isn't Big Byoo-Tox". Harrington says "No baby, I ain't" and leaves breaking the door down. Dag asks who is really was. Norb answers "I don't know, just some big, hairy guy, I guess. Sounds Canadian, eh?" Dag becomes shocked and is disgusted by this. He then asks "How do you know that's not Big Byoo-Tox?" Norb points at the sky and shouts "Because THAT'S Big Byoo-Tox!" Big Byoo-Tox is seen in outer space 50 times bigger than Earth. Big Byoo-Tox smiles at the screen as the camera shutters also catching a passing comet shown on the tabloid: "Big Byoo-Tox Seen".

Background Information

  • This is the second episode where the screen cuts in black at the end (the first being in "Gonna Getcha").

Production Information



  • Mattel - Notel is an obvious parody on the United States toy company.
  • Kelly's Heroes - The character Harrington is a take-off of Donald Sutherland's character Oddball from the offbeat 1970 comedy/war film, due to his dog impressions and his aversion to "negative waves".
  • "Incense and Peppermints" - The instrumental of this 1967 song by Strawberry Alarm Clock is heard when Dag first meets Harrington.
  • "A Day in the Life" - The background music when Dag is sneaking around with his eyes closed is very similar to the middle section of this 1967 song by The Beatles.
  • "Hush" - The instrumental of Deep Purple's 1968 cover of this song can also be heard when Dag is sneaking around.
  • "O Canada" - The national anthem of Canada is played at the end of the episode when Daggett finds out the truth about Harrington.


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