"I Think I Like You", performed by Norbert Beaver and Treeflower, is the song from the episode "Bummer of Love". The other three band members of The Friendly Chartreuse Bubblegum Machine were the accompaniment and background singers.


Treeflower: I met a guy,
he's kind of shy.
And kinda neat,
and oh, so sweet!
And I said, yes, I said,
I think I like you... (giggles)

We held hands,
and it was grand... (Background singers: Ah-ah)
It felt so nice,
we did it twice... (Background singers: Ah-ah)
And he said, yes, he said,
Norbert: I think I like you... (Background singers: You-ooh)

Treeflower: Turning, tossing, learning, flossing
Norbert: Spinning, laughing, tinning, calving
Treeflower: Daffodils and purple posies
Norbert: Platypus and rubber hosies
Treeflower: Orange door hinge, cat's pajamas
Both: In the sky with paisley llamas! (laughing)

Norbert: I met a gal,
she sure is swell.
And oh, so, fine,
I know she's mine.
Because she said,
yes, she said...
I think I like you, ee...

Treeflower: I met a guy.
Norbert: I met a gal!
Treeflower: He's kind of shy.
Norbert: She sure is swell!
Treeflower: And we held hands.
Norbert: And we held hands...
I think I like you!
(Background singers: Oooh...)

(Music continues...)

Norbert: You know I... I really like you.
Treeflower: (giggles) I really, really, really like you.
Norbert: You're the best.
Treeflower: You're coolly coolly cool.
Norbert: You're super freaky, yow.
Treeflower: You're psychedelic wow.
Norbert: I go beyond like. I likely you.
Treeflower: You're out of this world, Norbie.
Norbert: I triple like you.

Background Information

  • An instrumental version was playing while Norb is getting ready for Treeflower's visit. ("Tree of Hearts")
  • The song was included in the The Best of Nicktoons CD along with "Yeah Yeah Yeah".
  • During this song, psychodelic images such as was common in the 1960s hippie scene are shown. Many of these include rapidly-shifting color patterns. As such, people who have photosensitive epilepsy (PSE) should be careful when watching this episode or avoid watching it altogether.


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