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Norb and Dag incessantly "dare" each other.

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On a cold winter's day, Norb and Dag dare each other to perform increasingly ridiculous tasks. When Dag attempts to outdare Norb by invoking the "infinity-times-end-of-the-world-numbooger-triple-spoot-secret-dare," the ground suddenly opens up beneath them and the two find themselves pulled along by a mysterious current coming to a stop in front of an elderly beaver in a turban: the Risk Keeper. He tells the beavers that since one of them made the dare, both of them will have to perform two incredibly risky beaver dares. If either of them chickens out, they will be forced to wear the "Scarlet Kick Me Sign of Oof" (a sign reading "Kick me - I'm a stoopy poopy scaredy beaver") for eternity.

The Risk Keeper transports Norb and Dag to a parking lot and tells them that their first dare is to introduce themselves to 100 unfriendly strangers. The two soon realize that they're at the world's largest fur convention during a time when beaver pelts are in fashion. At first, the furriers think Norb and Dag are wearing full body beaver suits; however, when no one wants to meet Dag, he announces that he and his brother are beavers. The furriers soon turn on the beavers and give chase. As the Norb and Dag are cornered by the furriers, an announcement is made that beaver fur is no longer in fashion, saving the two.

For the second dare, the Risk Keeper instructs them to complete The Beaver Bellyflop Of Doom: they must chew through the world's largest log above a volcano while rabid wolves gnaw on their armpits. Norb and Dag soon realize that completing the dare will result in their deaths and decide to both back out. The Risk Keeper soon returns and taunts them for chickening out, condemning them to wear the "Kick Me" signs. Norb points out that since they both stopped each other from jumping, neither of them chickened out. He and Dag stick the "Kick Me" signs to the Risk Keeper, who is soon kicked repeatedly by the wolves.

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