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Norb and Dag impersonate dogs and become pets.

Episode Summary

Dag has a particularly rough day gathering wood in the forest; he gets crushed by a tree, almost eats coyote urine, gets a beehive stuck to his snout, is attacked by a bear and is chased by wolves. He returns home and tells Norb that he cannot continue living the way things are and wants to leave. After Dag accidentally knocks over the jack holding up the roof of their dam, which comes crashing down on them, Norb agrees with his brother.

The two beavers bring themselves to a pet shop to be sold. After a long time, they are adopted by the Goode family who treats them as if they are dogs. Though Norb and Dag's new life appears perfect at first, they soon realize how problematic it is; the two are pepper sprayed every time they misbehave, they have to endure rough ice baths, and have to deal with unwanted attention from the other dogs. Norb and Dag try to escape but are caught by the family's security system.

When the Goode family leaves them alone one night, Dag steals the house keys; he and Norb enter the house looking for something to eat, but all the cabinets are locked and all the wood in the house is fake. The two suddenly remember the family's heirloom wooden leg and rush to the closet. When the family returns to find their wooden leg eaten, they abandon Norb and Dag at the side of the road. As the two beavers prepare to return home, they are attacked by wolves but escape by spraying the wolves with pepper spray.

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