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Goody Good Gal is a comic book super heroine whom Treeflower role-plays as.

Physical Appearance[]

Goody Good Gal is a Caucasian with shoulder length light brown hair. Her costume consists of a black and purple sleeveless leotard with a crimson "G", a lavender and black tiara, black boots, a black and purple necklace with a blue cord, and a light green and black cape.

Treeflower snowboarding

When Treeflower used the superhero name in "Muscular Beaver 3", she wore her snowboarding outfit, which is a mint green headband with a pink flower, a pair of pink and white framed snow goggles, a mint green and white snowsuit with pink cuffs, a magenta and pink belt with a pink flower, and pink boots.

In "Muscular Beaver 4", Treeflower's costume consisted of a blue tiara with a red and white flower, blue bangle bracelets, a strapless blue leotard with red and white flowers as well as a magenta and red "G", red boots, and a mint green cape, also with red and white flowers.

Utility items[]

  • Death Ray of Ouch My Face
  • Powerful Power Shield of Power


The image gallery for Goody Good Gal may be viewed here.



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