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Dag fears Norb will get him back after farting on his brother's head during a game.

Episode Summary

On a dark and stormy night, Dag watches it from a window but gets scared by the lightning. During a game of rough housing, Norb, attacks him from behind the couch. Dag escapes and retaliates with a tail-twister. Norb says that it's good, but not as good as a "Mongolian Fur-Burner". He grabs Dag's fur and twists it. Dag says he gonna get Norb now, but Norb says he can't top the fur-burner. Dag says he can. They wrestle into the kitchen and Dag farts on Norb's head. Dag realizes that he crossed the line by farting on his brother's head. Norb is obviously disgusted and angered by this. Dag tells Norb it was an accident and that he couldn't control it. But Norb says sorry is not good enough and that Dag has done the worst thing a brother can do to his brother. Norb now has to get revenge, which worries Dag. It may not be today, this year, but when Dag least expects it, Norb's going to get back at him. This makes Dag more nervous than ever.

The brothers are watching TV and Norb asks Dag if he could hand him the remote. Dag is about to, but he thinks it is a way to get him. Norb goes into the kitchen to get some lemonade. He asks Dag if he wants any, but Dag thinks it's a trick. He adds more lemons as well as vinegar and then drinks it, but it causes him to shrink due to the sourness. That night Dag asks Norb when he's going to get him back, but all he says is tick-rock.

When Dag falls asleep, he has a nightmare that he's wearing a graduation gown while Norb chases him while saying, "Gonna getcha". Norb finally catches him and gets him back by swallowing him. Dag wakes up and starts to foil Norb. Norb wakes up and wonders where Dag is. He thinks Dag left to get breakfast. Dag starts spying on him to find out what he's up to. He sees Norb get a package in the mail and thinks that is the plot for Norb's revenge. Dag watches through the floor. He sees a bug and pushes it away while still watching Norb. Two more bugs come and he pushes them away, along with four more bugs. He lights a match, escapes through the floor, and screams "4,023 bugs" while he is covered in them.

Dag overhears Norb in the closet talking to Barry on the phone. He dresses up as Barry and tries to enter. He knocks on the door, and Norb asks who's there. Dag answers that it is him and not Barry. He realizes his mistake and leaves. He tries to saw his way in, but slices a hole in the floor and falls through it. He give up and tells Norb he's ready to receive his punishment.

Norb opens the door and lets Dag in. Dag walks in and sees everyone say Happy Birthday. Norb was getting ready for his birthday. Dag tells him that he thought Norb was gonna get him back. Norb did by NOT getting him back. He drove Dag crazy all day yesterday, and was gonna tell Dag this morning, but he wasn't there. Dag gives a sigh of relief that Norb was planning a surprise for his birthday. Dag suddenly realizes it's NOT his birthday. The people are all fake, and Norb put his plan into action. The giant cake has a robotic arm, which grabs Dag and moves him toward Norb. Norb raises his tail while saying "Gotcha". Dag screams while he gets closer to Norb's butt. The scene fades to dark, and Norb farts in Dag's face.

Background Information

  • This is the first episode where the screen cuts in black at the end.

Production Information


  • Night on Bald Mountain - This classical composition written by Modest Mussorgsky was played during the nightmare Dag had.


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