It's Arbor Day and all beavers celebrate a tradition of receiving presents from their parents. However, when Norbert gets a huge model train set while Daggett gets an air freshener, Daggett decides to try to sabotage Norbert's gift in order to try to get revenge against him.

Episode Summary

It's Arbor Day, and according to Dag, Christmas for beavers. After Dag drags Norb out of bed, they go to the door when the postman delivers the presents from their parents. Norb gets a giant train set, but Dag gets a little tree air freshener. Dag tries not to admit that he is jealous, even though Norb offers him to play with his train set.

Dag tries to make best of his little tree such as by dressing up as Muscular Beaver and using it as weapon. When he goes too far trying to sabotage Norb's train set, he ends up destroying the whole thing. Dag gives Norb his little tree in compensation, but then they receive another gift that apparently goes with the tree since it was too big to send together. It's revealed to be a giant remote controlled truck, and Dag just gives Norb his gift.

Background Information

  • First time where Dag is dressed up as Muscular Beaver.
  • First time where a thought balloon visual (in this case, Dag's) shows everything like kindergarten drawings, colored roughly with crayons.
  • First time a music box version of The Angry Beavers opening theme is heard.

Production Information

  • This is a Christmas-themed episode, despite it suppose to be aired in December 1997 rather than in April 27, 1997.
  • Almost at the end on November 2016, this episode, along with "Go Beavers!" aired during TeenNick's "The Splat" 25th anniversary marathon. (citation needed)
  • On December 2016, this episode, along with "Go Beavers!", only aired on TeenNick's "The Splat" until Christmas Day.



  • Norbert's model train set makes realistic railroad sound effects (such as diesel horns, wheel clicks, squealing brakes, etc.). However, a few later episodes with the train set just have the train making "regular" toy train sounds.


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