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Norb sleepwalks while watching movies and Dag intends to prove his brother's crazy habit.

Episode Summary[]

Norb is preparing to watch an old B movie, The Amazing Colossal Colossus, on TV. He invites Dag to join him, but Dag declines, stating as he goes off to bed that they've already seen it multiple times. While watching the movie, Norb engorges himself on spicy junk foods and falls asleep in front of the TV, hypnotizing himself into acting out the movie in his sleep and waking Dag up by spraying him with water. Dag puts his brother to bed, commenting how their mother told them never to wake a sleepwalker or they'll "go bahooties."

The next night, Norb denies having sleepwalked and prepares to watch another B movie, X: The Creeping Thing. Once again, he falls asleep in front of the TV and begins to act out the movie, scaring Dag awake. After Norb wakes up the following day with no memory of the previous night's events, Dag decides to stay up with Norb and keep an eye on him. As the two watch yet another B movie, Viking Women From Venus, Dag falls asleep in front of the TV. He is quickly awoken by Norb dressed as a Viking woman, who begins chasing Dag around the dam. Norb is not sleepwalking, but "nightmare-walking!"

As Norb chases his brother around the dam, Dag tries to wake Norb but fails. He traps Norb inside their closet and begins to overeat with the intention of sleepwalking himself. Right as Dag falls asleep, the movie cuts to a hair loss/dance commercial. As Norb begins to stalk his brother, Dag reveals himself as a dancer with a fancy hairdo acting out the commercial he just saw; Norb, after a brief moment of confusion, attacks him anyways. The beavers begin to mimic the movie to the point where they are shown in the movie itself. As the Viking women in the movie drink more radioactive lava, the beavers eat more snack foods. As the beavers' stomachs expand, the Viking women in the film explode.

The next morning, Norb and Dag lie on the couch bloated and nauseous, blaming each other for the previous night's events. As the TV begins to play another B movie, The Oozing Flesh of the Rotting Hand, the beavers are heard to vomit, thus ending the first season of the series.

Production Information[]

  • This episode, along with "Bummer of Love" is the season 1 finale of the series.
  • Despite this being the final episode of Season 1 to air, it is not the final episode of Season 1 to take place.
    • According to the Timeline, "Long in the Teeth" is the next Season 1 episode to take place after this episode.
    • The actual final Season 1 episode to take place is "I Dare You."
  • This episode, along with "Bummer of Love" aired exactly one year after a previous Season 1 episode titled "Go Beavers!" took place.
  • This was the last episode to have aired in 1997.


  • This is the second episode with the title card to be animated. (The first being is "Bummer of Love").
  • This is the first episode in the title card to have in black and white. (The second being is "It's a Spootiful Life").
  • This is the only episode to use Associated Production Music.



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