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Dag is terrified when a monster fish eats the tip of his tail.

Episode Summary[]

On the shores of the lake, Dag plays paddle ball with a ball attached to his tail. Right as he hits it for the 2060th time, the ball flies off into the water. Dag retrieves the ball, but is soon chased by a mysterious sea creature. He returns home with part of his tail bitten off and tells Norb that he was attacked by Old Gramps, a legendary 100 year old muskellunge large enough to swallow a Swede. Norb doesn't believe his brother and suggests that he instead snagged his tail on a rock, but Dag resolves to prove himself right.

Dag constructs a boat, the SS.S. ssss (so named because he only had an "S" stencil), in order to find Old Gramps. Norb comes along only to prove his brother wrong and to take pictures. Dag first tries to bait Old Gramps with a bucket of paddleballs, but instead gets them shot at him by a school of smaller fish. He then tries to lower himself into the water in a homemade shark cage; the water ends up being only a foot deep. After Dag's numerous attempts to find Old Gramps, Norb loses patience with him and tries to return home. Right as he jumps off the boat, he sees the shadow of a huge sea creature in the water and realizes that Dag was right all along: Old Gramps is real.

Norb tries to start the boat, while Dag mans the "Musky Lounger," a lounge chair with a harpoon gun attached. He accidentally fires a harpoon into the bottom of the boat, causing a leak. The two beavers run around the boat, causing it to spin and collide with Old Gramps, who is revealed to be nothing more than a small geriatric fish with an enormous rear fin. Dag demands  that his tail be returned and drops the boat's anchor into the water which hits an even bigger fish. As the forest clears, Old Gramps tells the beavers that they woke up his wife, Old Gram, who starts chasing after their boat. As Old Gram prepares to swallow the boat whole, Dag spies the other half of his tail. The boat is soon destroyed and the beavers frantically swim home, with Old Gram in pursuit.

Back at the dam, Norb admires his photos from the expedition while Dag sews his tail back together. The doorbell suddenly rings; Norb answers it to find a Swede. He begins to introduce himself, but Norb cuts him off and tells him to join the others, beckoning to other Swedes who have taken refuge in the dam. As Norb closes the door, the dam is shown to be inside of Old Gram's mouth who swims away.

Production Information[]



  • Fish and chips - The episode title is based on the "popular take-away food in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada".
  • Moby-Dick - This episode contains various references to the 1851 novel (Norb calling Dag "Captain A-Dag" and Dag's peg tail).
  • "Anchors Aweigh" - An instrumental version of this song is heard in the background during the episode.


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