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Norb fakes being sick so that Dag can cater to his every whim, but later, Dag decides that the tables should be turned.

Episode Summary

It's a rainy day in the forest, and Norbert is nice and comfortable in his bed. He doesn't want to move, but Daggett demands that the two of them re-twig the dam. Norbert quickly says that he is not feeling well, throwing in some fake coughing. Dag doesn't believe him, until Norb makes weird gargling and groaning noises. Dag claims that this is the "beaver gargle of ache," which beavers only do when they are extremely ill. He drags Norb back into bed, and offers to bring up some breakfast. Dag asks if Norb needs anything else, and Norb suggests a couple of things.

Dag waits on Norb, giving him all kinds of toys, vehicles, and entertainment. He even ropes one of Jupiter's moons and brings it to the dam. Norb is loving being pampered, and a bit later, tries summoning Dag to the room to being more stuff. But, Dag doesn't come. Norb heads downstairs, and notices an exhausted Dag, trying to drag himself upstairs. Norb is annoyed that Dag isn't bringing him stuff, but grows concerned as Dag starts coughing and wheezing. Dag then does the gargle of ache, which makes Norb drop the act. He claims that Dag has cured him. After failing to bring Dag upstairs, brings the bunk beds downstairs, so Dag can rest.

After Norb brings Dag all the stuff from upstairs, he asks if Dag needs anything else. Dag declines, and asks Norb to leave him be and enjoy his health. Norb says he can't help but worry about his brother. Dag has a suggestion to help distract Norb from being worried: re-twigging the dam. Reluctantly, Norb goes outside to do so, but the rain has gotten worse. After a while, a soaked Norb comes back inside. He is shocked to find Dag, surrounded by candles and chanting monks. Dag declares he is slipping away, and wishes he could have miraculously been cured like Norb. Norb begs Dag not to leave him, and finally admits he was faking being ill. Dag asks Norb to come closer, so he can tell him something important. Norb leans in close...and Dag admits he was faking his illness too.

Norb gets angry and chases Dag around the dam. Eventually, Dag is cornered. He defends himself, saying that Norb faked being sick first, and made him worry. Norb calms down upon hearing that, saying that he cares about Dag as well. The two of them hug and agree to never lie about something so serious again. They trade pleasantries over it, but the sweetness makes them both feel queasy. They both collapse onto the floor and do the gargle of ache.

Background Information

  • This is the only episode to have Tara Strong. Coincidentally, both Tom Kane and Tara Strong were on The Powerpuff Girls.

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