Norbert discovers that he is of European ancestry and he decides to embrace that fact, which causes him to take on many poor habits that he associates with European beavers. Daggett doesn't like seeing his brother in that condition and he tries to do what he can to convince Norbert to go back to being an American beaver.

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Background Information

  • At one point, subtitles are shown to make what Norbert is saying through his accent more understandable, but this annoys Daggett, so he gets rid of them, breaking the fourth wall.

Production Information



  • The title card as well as the mural Norb painted on the ceiling of the dam is a parody of Botticelli's painting The Birth of Venus.
BABA - ABBA comparison

A comparison of BABA and ABBA

  • ABBA - BABA is a parody of the Swedish dance/pop quartet. Everything from the matching outfits to the lineup (two guys, two girls, who look very much like the original members) are shown.
  • Green Bay Packers - After Norb gets deported by the government, Dag says "Hey, how 'bout those Packers, huh?", which is a reference to the football team.
  • Mentos - At the end of the episode, Dag holds up a pack of Mintos, a parody of the candy company.


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