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Dag wakes up for springtime and finds Norb going European and Dag tries to get his brother back to his American beaver self in order to re-twig the dam.

Episode Summary

Winter is over, and Daggett wakes up from his hibernation. He is excited to go outside and play, but a wall of the dam falls off. The dam needs to be re-twigged before he or Norbert can have fun outside. He heads downstairs to find Norb, and notices there is plastic covering all the furniture, and a beautiful mural on the ceiling. Norb sits on top of some scaffolding, and tells Daggett that he spent the winter getting in touch with his European roots. He has adopted a thick accent, and declares himself a "blasé, aloof Eurobeaver extraordinaire." Norb would rather paint, drink coffee, and brood than do chores. Dag tells Norb that the two of them are Americans, and there will be plenty of time to goof around after fixing the dam.

Dag heads into the kitchen to get breakfast, but the refrigerator has been replaced with a large espresso machine. After trying to get it to work, he accidentally fills the dam with milk foam. The foam spills outside, where Norbert is sitting on the porch. He happily greets Dag, who asks why Norb is not brooding. Norb says a European's mood changes on a whim, declaring that he can go from ecstatic to depressed in seconds. This is demonstrated when he introduces Dag to his "friends," a trio of Picasso-esque cardboard standees, who he is no longer on speaking terms with. Dag is concerned for Norb's behavior, but goes to clear some debris from the walkway.

Later, Dag is exhausted and sore from doing all the heavy lifting and re-enters the dam. Dag demands that Norb "get off [his] Euro-popo" and help with the chores. Norb decides to watch a film instead, and Daggett, needing a break anyway, joins him. The film is very confusing, and contains images of a man stirring coffee, a waiter presenting the man with a dog, and a duck walking off-screen. Norb proclaims that it is brilliant, but Dag doesn't get it. Disappointed, Norb says Dag will never understand the ways of Eurobeavers. Dag disagrees, quickly changes into lederhosen, and plays an off-key polka on an accordion. Norb is sickened by his "inferior" American brother, leaving Dag to get stuck in his accordion.

Dag tries another method to be European - he brings BABA, a pop band of Swedish sheep, to the dam to sing. Norb shuts the band into the closet, and admits that they are pretty European, but because Dag doesn't brood or drink coffee, he is an imposter. Dag then dresses like a matador, and waves his red cape to emulate a bullfight. This summons a herd of bull into the dam. The bulls destroy walls and the ceiling, then trample Norbert and Daggett before leaving. Finally, Dag opens the closet again, letting BABA sing. Norb tries not to dance, but the Scandinavian pop melodies are irresistible.

The dancing is interrupted by a pair of government agents bursting into the dam. The agents are from the Immigration and Naturalization Service, and are there to deport a pair of European beavers who entered the country illegally. Norbert drops the accent and tries telling the INS agents that he and Daggett are American beavers. But, Dag interrupts, saying that the only European beaver in the dam is Norb. The agents grab Norb and throw him in the back of their car. Things only get worse when BABA is also in the backseat, and they start singing again. Norb screams as the car pulls away...then gets into a crash off-screen. Dag seems pretty pleased with himself for getting rid of Norb, and it's all thanks to his candy: Mintos, the Spootmaker.


Background Information

  • At one point, subtitles are shown to make what Norbert is saying through his accent more understandable, but this annoys Daggett, so he gets rid of them, breaking the fourth wall.

Production Information



  • The title card as well as the mural Norb painted on the ceiling of the dam is a parody of Botticelli's painting The Birth of Venus.

A comparison of BABA and ABBA

  • ABBA - BABA is a parody of the Swedish dance/pop quartet. Everything from the matching outfits to the lineup (two guys, two girls, who look very much like the original members) are shown.
  • Green Bay Packers - After Norb gets deported by the government, Dag says "Hey, how 'bout those Packers, huh?", which is a reference to the football team.
  • Mentos - At the end of the episode, Dag holds up a pack of Mintos, a parody of the candy company.


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