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Dag tries becoming braver with "Ninja-Robics" tape.

Episode Summary[]

While watching a martial arts movie in the forest, the animals begin to boast about how they would fight a ninja. As Dag is about to say what he would do, he is cut off by a belligerent shrew who taunts that he would run and hide in his dam. Dag tries to fight the shrew, but ends up running and hiding in the dam. Norb tells his brother not to be embarrassed, as running and hiding in the dam is a beaver's best defense against predators; Dag however is not convinced.

Dag orders a Ninja Robics kit consisting of a ninja costume and an instructional video from a comic book ad. When the kit arrives, he dons the costume and skips through the video to the final lesson, "The Silent Wind of Doom." Dag tries to practice his newly learned skills on Norb, who fails to take his brother seriously. As Dag stalks him, Norb shows his brother a picture of a bear in the book he's reading which causes Dag to trip over the couch. As Norb comments how Dag can't run if he can't see where he's going, Dag realizes that he's no longer afraid and goes out to face the animals.

The other animals in the forest seem to ignore Dag as he confronts them and stalks around. He finds the shrew, who also tries to ignore Dag; however, when Dag insults his ears, he leaps up ready for a fight. As Norb arrives to break up the fight, the shrew reveals that Norb paid all the animals a dollar not to fight Dag. Insulted by this revelation, Dag offers to pay two dollars to anyone who would fight him. The other animals gladly take him up on his offer and attack him, which ends in Dag running and hiding in the dam again.

Norb once again reminds his brother that he has no reason to be ashamed of running and hiding in the dam, as that is where a beaver is the safest. Dag takes this to mean that he can insult anyone he wants from inside the dam and no one can get him. As he stands at the window and taunt the other animals, Dag is pelted with junk thrown by them and ends up under a large pile.

Production Information[]


  • First episode to have Dag's name in its title.
  • Debut of Truckee
  • The first time Norbert breaks the fourth wall to the audience by saying "Oh no, this is not good!"
  • The events of this episode were referenced in "Utter Nonsense" during the scene where Daggett uses video cassette tapes as a form of communication.


  • Enter the Dragon - The episode title is based on the 1973 martial arts action film.
  • The Karate Kid - Dag says the line "wax on, wax off" before preparing to "fight" Barry, Wolffe, and Truckee.
  • PaRappa the Rapper - When Dag says the line "Whaaaat?", it makes a reference to the 1997 video game of PaRappa's line which he fails his rap on bad or awful rank in each music stage.


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