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Norb and Dag work as waiters in an attempt to buy masks.

Episode Summary

Norb and Dag are working at the Cafe Snoote run by their boss, Spanque, who claims "We are so snooty that we don't even let French people in". As he orders the waiters to work, he catches Norb and Dag playing bridge and looking at Oxnard Montalvo's mask magazine. Spanque asks what they are doing. The beavers then reply "Waiting. We're your new waiters, remember?" Spanque tells them they wait as in waiting on people and forces them back to the kitchen. Dag says this job is "hardy-wardy" and "a pain in my byoo-tox" and wants to quit. Norb reminds Dag they are working as waiter in order to buy Oxnard Montalvo's movie masks so they can "use them to scare the bejeebers out of people" and are trying to earn $999.99.

Meanwhile, the snootiest couple in town, Rodrick and Muffy Snootwell, come in with a boat load of money, much to Norb and Dag's amazement and hoping to earn all the money for the masks. Spanque says to the beavers "Bring the escargot appetizer immediately!" Norb and Dag, realizing they have hit the jackpot, do so. Dag pulls the box out and comically pronounces it "es-car-got" and not "es-car-go". He opens it and screams in disgust seeing the real recipe for escargot - snails. Dag disposes them outside the alley and brings the empty box to the Snootwells. Muffy asks "That is escargot?" Dag explains that he believes escargot is a cargo from a wooden crate and being a beaver, he claims it is "the tastiest crate I have ever had!" much to the Snootwells' laughter.

Rodrick tips Dag a whole $300 and shows it to Norb, who puts it inside an empty mayonnaise jar until they argue over after Norb tells Dag not to blow it. A waiter in a wheelchair tells the beavers to serve a giant bowl of moose toot sweet before it goes all runny. Dag continue arguing and slapping each other making the waiter stagger back and hitting the wall destroying the moose. Dag runs over and tries to wake him up by slapping him continuously. Norb stops him reminding him of the secret mission and has him stall the Snootwells while Norb fixes up the moose.

Dag walks in where he sees Spanque talking to the Snootwells. Upon seeing Dag, Spanque gestures him to come to him. Dag then takes a violin from a sleeping violinist and plays "Chopsticks". Spanque stops him and whispers where the main course is. Dag hits him on the nose with the violin bow and hops on the table now playing "The Old Gray Mare" and stares into Muffy's eyes in a strange fashion making her smile until Spanque grabs and glares at him. The bow, which slipped out of Dag's hand, hits Spanque on the head making him faint, enough time for Dag to finish his music much to the Snootwells' amusement.

Dag comes in with the moose in a poorly created masterpiece, much to his dismay. Norb says "It's just about the coolest moose ever!" Dag says "it's the spootiest and doesn't even look like a moose". They argue until Norb attempts to attack Dag, which knocks over the moose and splatters it all over Rodrick, Muffy, and Spanque, who fears to be ruined from being embarrassed from the beavers. The Snootwells lick themselves and Spanque clean in an unmannerly fashion followed by a loud belch from Rodrick, enough to shake the whole restaurant and mess up the beavers believing they are "common sewers" mishearing that the Snootwells are connoisseurs.

The beavers then try to make a souffle after realizing they are almost there with the money. They decide to work from the pictures in the cookbook since they cannot understand French. Dag uses Norb's chef hat and inflates it while Norb cuts off the crusts from the bread and pastes them on the chef hat with glue and add toothpicks as well. The beavers bring the souffle over to the Snootwells. Rodrick says "My word, well, that's the biggest souffle I've ever seen" followed by Muffy replying "And the prickliest". After being served, Rodrick offers the beavers a truck load of money to them. As Spanque attempt to taste it as a test, the whole restaurant explodes.

Rodrick and Muffy leaves when they have been treated very rudely. Spanque begs them not to leave and plans to fire Norb and Dag, who have all the money they needed. Rodrick then say "Fire them? Well, you should give them a raise. Any snooty person knows the better the restaurant, the worst the service, and your two waiters are the worst" making the beavers smile. The beavers are released with the nearly burned out magazine falling on Rodrick's nose. Muffy sees this and it is revealed that she and Rodrick own the company that manufactures the masks. Norbert tells them the truth that they worked as waiters so they can buy the masks.

Rodrick kindly offers them a box of the masks (in exchange for all the money the beavers have earned).. Excited, Norb and Dag open the box only to see that the masks are the size of ping pong balls. Dag complains "We can't wear these to scare the bejeebers out of people! We can even put these on our thumbs!" Muffy replies "Of course, didn't you read the fine print?" The beavers see the fine print below the magazine: "Mask Shown Actual Size". The beavers are shocked upon realizing they have wasted their whole $999.99 on something worthless.

The Snootwells leave and bid them farewell. Spanque cries and realizes that he is not fit to work in a snooty restaurant and decides to join the French foreign legion. He changes into different clothing and rides on a very small horse, grabs the beavers, and "kisses them both au revoir" making the beavers wince.

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  • Dr. Strangelove - Dag calls the chef in the wheelchair "Dr. Strangechef", which is a reference to the 1964 British-American black comedy film.
  • Jerry Lewis - Mentioned as "Lerry Jewis" in "Le French Cookbook" in the souffle section, it's referring to the fact he was popular in France.
  • Hey Arnold! - When Dag and Norb open up the box full of rubber masks, one of them is Helga Pataki. Keith Kaczorek also wrote one episode of Hey Arnold! The Sewer King.


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