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Dag becomes the new ranger of the forest, but power goes to his head.

Episode Summary

During a nature lecture given by Park Ranger Phil, the animals begin pestering him with questions and asking him to fix trivial problems with the forest. In frustration, Ranger Phil quits to become a figure skater. As Dag declares that any half-wit could do his job, the animals elect Dag to be the new forest ranger.

Dag begins to solve the problems with the forest, though his solutions often create more problems themselves. He also puts in place a series of restrictive new laws forbidding such trivial things as sniffing, eating and blinking. In response, Norb forms an underground resistance movement against Dag which all the other animals join. As the animals begin to blatantly ignore Dag's rules, he passes a new law: no animals allowed in the forest.

Norb reminds Dag that he's an animal himself, but Dag creates an exception for beavers. The other animals wear fake beaver teeth and tails at first to trick him, but soon decide to revolt against him. Norb rushes to his brother's defense, claiming that the animals got what they deserved in wanting a new ranger and that they'll need to rid of Norb as well if they want Dag gone; the other animals resume their attack. In the end, Norb and Dag join Ranger Phil as figure skaters.

Background Information

  • Wolffe D. Wolf's debut episode.
  • The term "Underground resistance movement" usually refers to a secret organization to resist an oppressive government, which is what Norb and the others become in this case. However, Norb and the others literally go into underground tunnels to initiate their big plan.

Production Information



  • The Nutcracker - "The Dance of the Reed Flutes" from the famous ballet briefly plays after Ranger Phil revealed that he wanted to be a figure skater.


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