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Dag and Norb star in a show resembling Starsky & Hutch.

Episode Summary[]

At the police station, Captain Truckee berates his two detectives Dagski and Norb for their lack of professionalism. He tells them that "word on the street is, something big is going down" and sends them out to investigate. Driving around town, the two run into Barry who tells them the same thing: "word on the street is, something is going down." The two then run into a car identical to their own and see two thugs in ski masks trying to kidnap Treeflower. Dagski and Norb confront the thugs, handcuffing one of them. As Norb and Treeflower flirt with each other, the other thug takes off in the doppelganger car with Dagski in pursuit. The thugs manage to escape Dagski and successfully kidnap Treeflower.

Dagski and Norb return to the station to tell Truckee what they saw, but he refuses to believe them. He tells them that their car was seen fleeing the scene of a crime and asks that they turn in their badges. Feeling lost about what to do, Dagksi reminds Norb that just because they're no longer cops it doesn't mean they still can't solve the case. They soon find the thugs' car and give chase, but lose them. After Norb despairs about how they'll never solve the case, Barry arrives with a hot tip: the aforementioned something big is going down in a nearby deserted warehouse.

Inside the warehouse, the two thugs are conducting an empty cardboard box smuggling operation. Dagski and Norb burst in and apprehend the criminals. They unmask the thugs, who are revealed to be two cops with identical hairstyles as Dagski and Norb; they explain that they decided to destroy Dagski and Norb's reputation since they could never be as cool as them. Norb demands to know where Treeflower is; she reveals herself to be working with the thugs as revenge for Dagski and Norb arresting her brother, who she describes as "a good kid who just happened to be around when something bad was going down." Norb promises to prove her brother's innocence as she tearfully tells him that she's not really bad, just confused.

Treeflower is arrested and put in jail. Captain Truckee commends Dagski and Norb for their role in solving the case and returns their badges, apologizing for not believing them earlier. Another police officer enters and tells Truckee that something big is going down, who in turn sends Dagski and Norb out once more to investigate. As Norb leaves, he thinks briefly of Treeflower before telling Dagski that, this time, he's driving.


Production Information[]

  • This is the last episode of the series in May 26, 2001 for the final season.
  • This episode has a run time of 12:37, making it the third longest episode in the series.
  • According to Mario D'Anna, this episode is non-canon to the series.




  • Starsky and Hutch - The episode title is an ode to the 1970s cop series.
  • At one point in the episode, Norb sarcastically refers to Dag as "Mario An-Dag-i", an obvious reference to the racing driver, Mario Andretti.


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