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Daggett Doofus Beaver (also referred to as "Dag" or "Daggy") is a son of Leonard and Rose Beaver, the younger brother of Norbert, and an older brother of Stacy and Chelsea.

Physical Appearance[]

Dag is a normal American beaver with brown fur, fin like ears, razor sharp teeth, a gray tail, a black monobrow, and a red nose. He gets his face from his father and his fur, nose, and tail color from his mother.

His nightwear consists of orange feetie pajamas with yellow trim and a light blue oven mitt covering his tail (Although in "My Bunnyguard", he wore a medium blue bathrobe with light blue trim and pink squeaky slippers).

In the beginning of the episode "Beach Beavers a Go-Go", he wore a light blue floral Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses.

His soccer uniform consists of a white shirt with two stripes (one black and one red), black shorts, white socks, and red cleats. [4]

For formal occasions, he wears a medium gray tuxedo jacket with a light blue collar, a white dress shirt, an over-sized blue bow tie, a light blue cummerbund, medium gray plum dress pants, and black dress shoes. [5]

His beach outfit is a pair of blue swimming shorts rather too high up his body.


Daggett gives meaning to the phrase "Busy as a beaver", as he has lots of energy and ends up doing all the work that Norb won't do. He doesn't enjoy being the younger sibling and is often jealous of his older brother, reasonably in some cases. He is very easily manipulated and often buys junk off of the TV. He also gets scared very easily, but can become angry just as quickly, especially if someone touches his teddy bear. [6][7]

Daggett seems to have a beef with everything in the World, and oddly enough everything seems to have a beef with him. A common running gag is the series, especially during Season 3, is that him and Norbert’s friend group don’t seem to care for Daggett as much as they do for Norbert. This could be attributed to the fact that Daggett is a jerk to them and also sometimes resorts to insults, but that is questionable because they quickly forgave Norbert for taking advantage of them in “Dag’s List.”

However, despite his constant stupidity and anger issues, he has been shown to try and take responsibility. This is especially prominent in the case of taking care of his sisters. Although, this can be a problem. For example, in the episode "Line Duncing", when Stacy and Chelsea were hungry, he gave them "Cap'n Salty's Salty Dogs", making them thirsty. He then gave them "Cap'n Salty's Seawater in a Box". Norb quickly took them away, but Dag had a "Solar distilling apparatus for turning seawater into nice pure drinking water", except he thought it was "nothing important." Norb uses it to give their sisters pure drinking water.

Another example is when Dag told Norb that they had to build themselves a dam in the first episode, "Born to Be Beavers", while Norb was being lazy and not worrying. Another recurring theme is that when Daggett knows of oncoming danger, Norbert will not believe him until it's too late.

Dag does love his brother Norb, but he constantly annoys him to no end sometimes, possibly to even out the dynamic. For example, in the episode "Same Time Last Week", Dag has a calendar called "365 WAYS & DAYS TO COMPLETELY, TOTALLY AND FULLY ANNOY YOUR BROTHER". On a Saturday, he is told to bop his brother 'till he bleats. Norb is so annoyed that he literally bops Dag into last week several times.

Dag mutters angrily often and says "spoot" a lot. Despite being an American, he adds "eh" to the ends of his sentences like a French Canadian.


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  • Superhuman Strength: Despite his small stature, Daggett is shown to be strong enough to lift a log many times his size in a few occasions such as in the episode, “A Dam Too Far”.
  • Superhuman Speed: Daggett has been shown to keep up with an elevator going several stories high when running up the stairs as revealed in the episode, “Mission to the Big, Hot, Thingy”.
  • Sewing: As shown in “Fish and Dips”, Daggett is able to sew his tail back.
  • Intelligence: Although he's usually shown to be more dim-witted than his older twin brother, Daggett does display signs of smartness at times such as being able to outwit the Risk Keeper in “I Dare You” and understanding why the drink named Yahoo mustn't be drunk by insects after witnessing the side-effects from a cricket.
  • Espionage: As shown at the end of “Muscular Beaver”, Daggett is a secret agent with a transforming pull cart which is his top-secret transport.
  • Driving: As shown in “Salmon Sez”, Daggett is able to drive a cement mixer truck competently.
  • Musical abilities: Like Norbert, Daggett has demonstrated exceptional musical ability. He can sing certain songs well as shown in episodes such as (“Beaver Fever” , “Sans-a-Pelt” , “Stare and Stare Alike!”, etc.) and can play various musical instruments including:
    • The guitar (“Bummer of Love”)
    • The drums ("Un-Barry-ble")


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  • Dag and Norb both enjoy watching poorly-made black and white movies starring their favorite actor, Oxnard Montalvo.
  • Dag is slightly taller than his older brother when Norb had always been taller than him before. [8]
  • He has been seen playing the guitar on various occasions.
  • Daggett believes the Earth is flat, as proclaimed by him in "My Bunnyguard."
  • In “Fat Chance”, it’s shown that Daggett’s intelligence is so low that he doesn’t even know what a stone is.
  • Daggett is also a featured character on the "Inside Nick" division of the Nick Animation website. However, when the image in use is opened in a new tab, the file reads: "character_norbert.png".
    • He is also mislabeled as Norbert in the GameBoy Advance version of Nicktoons Racing.
  • Daggett sounds and behaves similar to when Alpha 5 was possessed (via disc) in the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers three part episode "The Wedding". It's due to the fact they have the same voice actor, Richard Horvitz.
Bullwinkle Phone

Daggett Beaver's Bullwinkle telephone.

  • Daggett owns a telephone that was modeled after Bullwinkle from Rocky and Bullwinkle; this is especially due to the fact that creator Mitch Schauer loved Rocky and Bullwinkle, which was a key influence for the show.
  • According to Micah Wright, Daggett probably has autism and definitely has ADHD.[note 1]


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  1. Micah Wright: “Maybe? We were definitely going for that vibe, but in the mid-90s, very few people understood what autism was, and it was just getting mainstream attention. He -DEFINITELY- has ADHD.” Twitter. May 2023


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