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Norbert Beaver[]

Ach du lieber!

Daggett inspecting Norbert's teeth

Daggett is Norbert's younger brother by four minutes, and as with most pairs of siblings, Dag and Norb have sibling rivalry. Their relationship in particular crosses the line between rivalry and abuse, with Norbert being the one in power. Still, Daggett does care about his brother and looks up to him. He genuinely does care about his brother and wants to make sure he stays out of harm's way (most of these attempts being unsuccessful.) An example of this is in the episode "Long in the Teeth," where Daggett notices his brother's overgrown teeth and reminds him of what happens when he grows his teeth too long (they pierce their brains and kill them.) However, his brother does not care and instead takes a swim, causing Daggett to swim after him with a power sander to shred his teeth down, but instead gets tangled in lots of seaweed because of it. Daggett once again reminds his brother of the mistake he's making, but Norb still doesn't care. Dag's second attempt at this is pretend to be a German dentist and tries using a laser to incinerate his teeth down, but this backfires when Norb blocks the laser with a mirror and causes the sign of his stand to crash down on him. Norb finally decides to promise his brother to wear his teeth down, but on their way they get recognition from the forest from the other animals, causing Norbert to go back on his promise and betray Daggett. Dag tries to forget about this, but after seeing Norbert getting recognition by his hippie girlfriend Treeflower, he becomes completely enraged and jealous and decides to grow his teeth as well.


Another example of this is in the episode "Fakin' It!", when Norbert fakes being sick and having a disease called The Beaver Gargle of Ache, Daggett tries his hardest to meet his "sick" brother's every desire. These include bringing one of the moons up Jupiter to their dam, bringing characters from a horror movie Norbert watched to their dam, along with many other things. However, at some point he finds out that Norbert was faking his sickness and decides to get him back without him knowing. Once Norbert finds out that Dag was faking it, he becomes very angered by this as Daggett tells him that he "got him so worried" and for him to do the Beaver Gargle of Ache when he wasn't sick was "just not right." They eventually make up but shortly after do get actually sick and are left gargling on the floor in pain.

When it comes to Daggett’s thought of Norbert and Treeflower’s relationship, it’s usually a mixed bag. On one hand, Daggett likes to taunt Norbert and Treeflower’s relationship. Examples include “Bummer of Love”, where Daggett claims Treeflower “dumped him” after hearing Norbert read the note she left for him and kept insisting she dumped him, even after being told by his brother that was not the case. Another example is in “Practical Jerks”, he taunts an hesitant Norbert after he realizes the house they’re about to prank is Treeflower’s, even saying “Whatsa matter, Norby. Scared she won’t like you anymore?”. Yet another example is “Strange Allure”, where Daggett compared his relationship to Angel Eyes with Norbert’s romantic life, and at one point even making a snippy comment saying “pathetic as it was”. A big example is “It’s A Spootiful Life”, where after seeing how wholesome Alternate Universe Norbert and Treeflower’s lives are together, he immediately realizes this is all a big trick because, in his words, “Everyone knows there is no way Treeflower would ever actually like Norb!”. A minor example is in “Muscular Beaver 4”, where Daggett was indirectly responsible for an argument Norbert and Treeflower had that caused her to get very offended with Norbert, before later making up shortly after.

It could be possible he’s jealous of his brother for the fact that Norbert has a relationship and not him. After all, he does get jealous of the two in “Long in the Teeth” after seeing them flirt with each other.

However, there has been one instance of Daggett being supportive of his brother’s love life, and that was in “Tree of Hearts”. After finding out Treeflower left Norbert to be with Truckee, he decided to help out his brother by winning Treeflower back. His first attempt was to get Truckee to fly away on some helium balloons, thus giving Norbert an opportunity to talk to Treeflower. When this doesn’t work (Treeflower only asking the whereabouts of Truckee and Truckee floating back down to beat Daggett up), his next attempt is to make a fake girlfriend out of trash for Norbert named Tina (the intention of which was to make Treeflower jealous). When this originally doesn’t work, Daggett snaps and asks Norb “what does she see in him? What does he have that you don’t have…got?”. Their third attempt was kidnapping Truckee and making Norb disguise as a shrew to try winning Treeflower back. This backfires horribly, as Treeflower immediately sees through Norbert’s disguise and Truckee coming back to beat Daggett up once more. Later on it’s revealed that Treeflower did in fact get jealous of Tina, so that plan actually worked out.

Angel Eyes[]


Angel Eyes was Daggett's fishing lure "girlfriend" whom he fell head over heels for in the episode "Strange Allure". At the beginning of the episode, Daggett accidentally gets her stuck on his tail while chasing after fish in the pond. After showing the injury to Norbert, he tries helping Daggett get rid of the fishing lure via surgery. Before the actual surgery can take place, Daggett ends up falling in love with her and names her "Angel Eyes". Throughout the course of the episode, Daggett was shown to be completely obsessed with her despite her being an "inanimate object" incapable of ever returning the love he's lavishing on her so "deludedly" (in Norbert's words). He also wanted to marry Angel Eyes, despite only knowing her for mere hours. At one point during a scuffle between Norbert and Daggett, he brings up how he should understand how it feels to be in love and comparing the relationship to Norbert and Treeflower's love life. Norbert tries sawing Angel Eyes off, but Daggett ends up running away and going into the pond saying he would never give her up and changing his tune when a giant monster fish comes chasing after him. The end of the episode shows Daggett with his tail in the water (with Angel Eyes still attached) as fish look at her lustfully. It is currently unknown what exactly their relationship is, but he has most likely moved on from her considering how she is not shown on Daggett's tail in any of the episodes following "Strange Allure".