When Norbert and Daggett discover an old trunk with an old movie reel inside, they believe that it may just be the unfinished works of Oxnard Montalvo, though after they watch it, they decide that they wish to complete the movie themselves.

Episode Summary

Background Information

  • Every time Norb holds up a black-and-white picture of actor Oxnard Montalvo, the writing as well as the colors of the background changes.
  1. "warmest regards"/"Oxnard Montalvo" (light blue and blue background)
  2. "Hello again,"/"Oxnard Montalvo" (blue and light blue background)
  3. "please stop writing me,"/"Oxnard Montalvo" (pink and white background)
  4. "CEASE AND DESIST"/"L.A.P.D" (red and orange background)

Production Information


  • Second episode to have Dag's name in its title. [1]


  • Day for night - The episode title is a take-off on the movie technique.
  • Creature from the Black Lagoon - The title of the unfinished Oxnard Montalvo film, The Not-Too-Friendly Creature from the Off-White Puddle Who Will Eat You, is a reference to the 1954 horror film.
  • When Dag first activates his robot version of the Not-So-Friendly-Creature, he yells "It's ALIVE!", the famous quote from Frankenstein.
  • Star Blazers - The "wave motion" part of the name of the device used in Norb and Dag's movie is most likely a reference to the Wave Motion Gun, the secret weapon of the Argo in the 1979 animated series (which is an adaption of the anime Space Battleship Yamato).
  • The Not-Too-Friendly Creature who appears at the very end of the episode to thank Dag and Norb sounds just like the actor Christopher Walken.


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