Craig Ferguson is a voice actor on the animated series The Angry Beavers.

Early life and education

Ferguson was born in Stobhill Hospital, in the Springburn district of Glasgow, to Robert and Janet Ferguson, on 17 May 1962,[1][2] and raised in nearby Cumbernauld, growing up "chubby and bullied".[3][4] When he was six months old, he and his family moved from their Springburn flat to a council house in Cumbernauld. They lived there as Glasgow was re-housing many people following damage to the city from World War II.[4] Ferguson attended Muirfield Primary School[5][6] and Cumbernauld High School.[7] At age sixteen, Ferguson left Cumbernauld High School and began an apprenticeship to be an electronics technician at a local factory of American company Burroughs Corporation.[8]

His first visit to the United States was in 1975 when he was 13 to visit an uncle who lived on Long Island, near New York City.[9] When he moved to New York City in 1983, he worked in construction in Harlem.[10] Ferguson later became a bouncer at the nightclub Save the Robots.[11]

Personal life

Ferguson is a fan of Scottish football team Partick Thistle F.C.[12] as well as the British television show Doctor Who. He has five tattoos which include the Join, or Die political cartoon on his right forearm;[13] a Ferguson family crest with the Latin motto Dulcius ex asperis ("Sweeter out of [or from] difficulty") on his upper right arm in honour of his father;[14] and a Celtic cross with the Ingram clan motto Magnanimus esto (Be great of mind) on his upper left arm in honour of his mother.[15][16] He has often stated that he has his Join, or Die tattoo to signal his American patriotism.[17]

Ferguson holds an FAA private pilot certificate issued 31 July 2009.[18]

In February 2016, Ferguson disclosed that he had been "vegan for almost three years."[19]


In an episode of The Late Late Show that aired 8 December 2008, a somber Ferguson talked about his mother, Janet (3 August 1933 – 1 December 2008). He ended the programme by playing her favourite song, "Rivers of Babylon" by Boney M.[20] Ferguson eulogised his father on-air on 30 January 2006.

Ferguson has two sisters (one older and one younger) and one older brother.[21] His elder sister's name is Janice and his brother's name is Scott. His younger sister, Lynn Ferguson Tweddle, is also a successful comedian, presenter, and actress, perhaps most widely known as the voice of Mac in the 2000 stop-motion animation film Chicken Run. She was a writer on The Late Late Show until July 2011.

Ferguson has married three times and divorced twice as a result of what he describes as "relationship issues". His first marriage was to Anne Hogarth from 1983 to 1986, during which time they lived in New York. His second marriage was to Sascha Corwin (founder and proprietor of Los Angeles' SpySchool), with whom he has one son, Milo Hamish Ferguson, born in 2001. He and Corwin share custody of Milo, and live near each other in Los Angeles. On 21 December 2008, Ferguson married art dealer Megan Wallace-Cunningham in a private ceremony on her family's farm in Chester, Vermont.[22] Ferguson announced in July 2010 that they were expecting a child. He wrote: "Holy crackers! Mrs F is pregnant. How did that happen? ... oh yeah I know how. Another Ferguson arrives in 2011. The world trembles."[23] The child, a boy named Liam James, was born 31 January 2011.[24]

American citizenship

During 2007, Ferguson, who at the time held only British citizenship, used The Late Late Show as a forum for seeking honorary citizenship from every state in the US. He has received honorary citizenship from Nebraska, Arkansas, Virginia, Montana, North Dakota, New Jersey, Tennessee, South Carolina, South Dakota, Nevada, Alaska, Texas, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, and Indiana, and was "commissioned" as an admiral in the tongue-in-cheek Nebraska Navy.[25] Governors Jon Corzine (New Jersey), John Hoeven (North Dakota), Mark Sanford (South Carolina), Mike Rounds (South Dakota), Rick Perry (Texas), Sarah Palin (Alaska) and Jim Gibbons (Nevada) sent letters to him that made him an honorary citizen of their respective states. He received similar honours from various towns and cities, including Ozark, Arkansas; Hazard, Kentucky; and Greensburg, Pennsylvania.

Ferguson became an American citizen on 1 February 2008[26] and broadcast the taking of his citizenship test as well as his swearing in on The Late Late Show.[27]

Characters portrayed

  • Wizard
  • TV Announcer


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