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This article is about Norb and Dag's sister, Chelsea Beaver. You may be looking for her voice actress, Chelsea Schauer.

Chelsea Beaver is a daughter of Leonard and Mrs. Beaver, the younger sister of Norbert and Daggett, and twin sister of Stacy.


Need Information

Physical Appearance

Chelsea is an American beaver with brown fur, gray eyes, and a red nose. She normally wears a lime green t-shirt with an orange-and-light blue flower on it, light blue pants, orange socks, and blue slip-on shoes. Her nightwear consists of yellow feetie pajamas.

Background Information

  • She is named after creator Mitchell Schauer's daughter Chelsea, who voiced her in three episodes.
  • Narxa the Thick-Ankled Warrior is her and Stacy's "favorite person on TV". [3][4]


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