Candyce "Candi" Anne Rose Milo[1] is an American voice actress on the animated series The Angry Beavers.

Early life

Milo was born in Palm Springs, California,[1] but her family moved to San Jose shortly after her birth. In San Jose, Milo attended the all-girls Presentation High School. Her father, Tony Migliaccio, was a child actor who changed his last name to Milo when he started playing adult roles. Her first appearance on stage was with her father at Turk Murphy's in 1964, where they sang Me and My Shadow together. By the time Milo was eleven, she was participating in children's musical theater.[2]

Personal life

Milo is divorced and has a daughter.[3]

Characters portrayed

  • Tanya Goode
  • Woman
  • Secretary
  • Screaming Woman


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