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Backstage Passes?![]

Location: Ext. The Forest - Morning (July 21, 1996)[]

(It is a beautiful morning in the forest. The sun is rising, the sky is orange and yellow, and a rooster is heard in the background.)

Location: Int. Norb and Dag's Bedroom - Continuous[]

(The scene fades to The brothers' bedroom, where Daggett and Norbert are seen sleeping peacefully in bed. Just then, an extremely loud bang from outside wakes the brothers up, causing Norbert to be startled and Daggett to fall off his top bunk while screaming.)

Daggett: Holy, Norb! What's going on?!

Norbert: I dunno, Daggett!

(The brothers then jump out of their pajamas and run outside to see what the noise was.)

Location: Ext. Norb and Dag's Dam - Continuous[]

(Norb and Dag then sprint out of the house and outside before many wooden floorboards get constructed above them and their dam. Norb and Dag then cut holes in the floor using their teeth and scream when they see that the noise was just heavy construction outside. The construction is for a concert that just so happens to be right where the dam is located. Norb and Dag then pop out from the holes and stand on the stage.)

Norbert: What are they doing here?

Daggett: They're trespassing on our pond, that's what they're doing. And I'm gonna tell them to get out!

(Daggett then walks off to say something while looking back at Norb, but then bumps into somebody. He rubs his head and looks up to reveal it's a very large and brolic security guard standing. Norbert then walks over to see him.)

Security Guard: Can I see your backstage passes, little furry dudes?

Daggett: (offended) Backstage passes?! Listen DUDE, we don't need to stinking backstage passes! This is our pond!

Security Guard: Hey be cool. This is the stage of the Beaver Pond Rock Festival and you need backstage passes.

Daggett: Maybe you didn't hear me, sasquatch!

(Norbert chuckles at this.)

Daggett: (simple talking) This our pond! Us beavers! (tugs his eyelids) Looky! (him and his brother show him their tails) Tails! (they both show them their incisors) Teeth!

(The security guard gives them a dirty look as Norbert laughs again.)

Daggett: Now get your spooty rock festival out of here!

(Norbert high fives his brother.)

Security Guard: Well since you put it that way...

(The security guard then field goals Norbert and Daggett very far away from the stage, sending them airborne while they scream before hitting the ground with a thud.)

Security Guard: If you furry dudes wanna see the show, you need tickets like everybody else!

(Cuts to Norb and Dag, who have landed on a hill. Norbert is rubbing his head while Daggett is lying on his back.)

Norbert: Guess we need some tickets.

Daggett: What we need is a plan.

(Daggett turns around to think for a second while Norbert stands up. Meanwhile, a voice from far away says "Testing" on one of the speakers on stage.)

Daggett: I've got one!

Norbert: Eeh!

Daggett: You create a diversion. Then I'll run in!

(A brief pause follows.)

Norbert: That's the plan?

Daggett: Genuis, no?

Norbert: Genuis NO! What kind of "diversion"? (does air quotes)

Daggett: (angry) Jeez! Do I have to think of everything?

(Norbert shrugs while Daggett thinks again for a second.)

Daggett: Look...go over there. When I give the signal count to five, and do something...Diverting!

(Norbert shrugs and walks off while Daggett smiles.)

Love at First Sight[]

Location: Ext. The Forest - Moments Later[]

(Norbert slides down the hill and looks to the right with a plain expression on his face. Just then, a van arrives and parks a few feet away from him. The doors open and three hippies exit out of the vehicle one by one. And then, a eighteen year old female beaver named Treeflower exits the van and and stops to fix her hair up a bit. Norbert sees her and becomes immediately smitten for her, as he gets shocked from her beauty. Norb walks over to her, about to strike a conversation with her, but then stops nervously at the last second and makes a nervous smile. Treeflower turns around to see him.)

Treeflower: (lovingly) Hi...

(Norbert doesn't say anything and instead takes in all of her beauty. Her pretty face, her beautiful eyes, her gorgeous hair, her adorable outfit, her calming voice, and her nice smile all make Norbert feel completely relaxed and gives him the confidence to talk to her.)

Norbert: (nervously) Hi...

Treeflower: My name's Treeflower...

(She flutters her eyelashes to him lovingly as he still stands still with a nervous smile.)

Norbert: (nervously) Hi...

(Treeflower giggles at this. Even though she's known him for only eight seconds, she believes that he's already the cutest beaver she's ever met.)

Treeflower: Do you have a name?

Norbert: (nervously) Yeah...

Treeflower: (lovingly) Can you tell me?

Norbert: (nervously) Sure... (pulls himself together) Um...Norbert...

(Treeflower smiles at Norbert while the camera pans up to reveal Daggett standing on the hill.)

Daggett: (yelling from afar) HEY, NORBY! NORBY! Start diverting!

(Daggett then starts to run down the hill, now going through with his plan.)

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