Norbert and Daggett find themselves right in the middle of a rock n' roll festival when a group decides to hold a concert in the area. However, Norbert soon meets the love of his life amidst the audience of the concert, though Daggett decides to try to get them to leave the vicinity.

Episode Summary

Norb and Dag are awakened in their dam one morning to the sounds of heavy construction. Investigating, they discover a concert stage for an outdoor music festival being built on their pond. They try to tell everyone to get lost, but are soon removed from the area by security. Dag instructs Norb to create a diversion so that he can crash the gate, but Norb is distracted by the arrival of a van full of hippies, including a female beaver with whom he is instantly smitten. She introduces herself as Treeflower and invites Norb to sneak into the festival with her and her friends. Dag, still going along with his plan, tries to rush the gate but is ejected once more by security, ironically serving as the diversion that Norb and Treeflower need to sneak in.

Dag tries once more to sneak into the festival, disguised as a fireworks technician. However, when his disguise fails, he is tied onto a firecracker which is then lit. Treeflower and Norb share a romantic moment eating stuffed jalapeños and watching the fireworks that Dag set off. Treeflower tells Norb about the band that she and her friends have, The Friendly Chartreuse Bubblegum Machine. Norb asks to hear them play, and the band plays their song "I Think I Like You" with Norb joining in. Norb is impressed and suggests that they play at the festival, also suggesting that they sneak on stage by swimming underwater. Dag tries one more time to sneak in to the festival by disguising himself as a famous rock musician, with several balloons in the shape of his entourage tied onto his tail. His plan literally deflates when one of his balloons does, and is once again sent skyward.

The Friendly Chartreuse Bubblegum Machine arrives on stage. Treeflower is nervous to perform, but Norb offers her his encouragement. In return, Treeflower gives him a special springy doorstop, promising the door to her heart will always be open for him, and also kisses him. Norb announces the band and declares that the concert is now free, which causes a large crowd of fans to rush the gate past security and carry Dag inside. He makes his way on stage where Norb encourages him to join in. Dag wants none of it and once again tries to make everyone leave the area. He trips over an electric guitar, which he destroys in a spectacular fashion, causing the crowd to go wild. Encouraged by this reaction, Dag accepts Norb's invitation and begins to jam with everyone. As the concert ends, Treeflower bids Norb goodnight, giving him a flower and kissing him once more.

Norb wakes up the next day to discover that the stage has been dismantled and everyone has gone. He finds a note from Treeflower telling how much she enjoyed playing music with him. Dag asks Norb if she dumped him; Norb says that she will always be there in spirit. Dag says he was dumped, and the two get into an argument over it.


Background Information

  • Official debut of Treeflower.
  • The song "I Think I Like You" features psychedelic images common in the 1960s hippie scene. Many of these include rapidly-shifting color patterns. As such, people who have photosensitive epilepsy (PSE) should be careful when watching this episode or avoid watching it altogether.
  • This is the first episode to not feature Norbert and Daggett in the title card. Also, it includes the first animation of live action in the scene.

Production Information

  • This episode, along with "Food of the Clods", is the season 1 finale of the series.
  • On April 19, 2017, TeenNick's "The Splat", aired this episode along with "Food of the Clods" at 12:31am during the celebration of the 20th anniversary marathon. [1]
  • On August 19, 2017, TeenNick's "The Splat" block, "SNICK", reaired this episode along with "Food of the Clods" at 1:30am.


  • The title of this episode is a take-off of the "Summer of Love", the summer from the late 1960's.
  • Woodstock - The Awesome Beaver Pond Rock Festival, which was built above Norb and Dag's home, is a parody to Woodstock, the rock festival from the 1960's.
  • The Treasure of the Sierra Madre; Blazing Saddles - Dag's line "Backstage passes? Backstage passes! We don't need no stinking backstage passes!" is a parody of the line "Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!" from the 1948 film and also in the parodied version from the 1974 Mel Brooks film.
  • "Won't Get Fooled Again" - When Treeflower and Norb are saying how they feel as if they've known each other their entire lives, the music playing in the background is the instrumental solo from the 1971 song by The Who.
  • "Music for the Royal Fireworks" - The opening bars to the overture of this suite by Handel are heard when the firecracker that Dag is tied onto is lit.
  • The Beatles - The intro to their song "All You Need Is Love" is heard in the background when Daggett, disguised as Ringo Starr, steps out of a limo. The Beatles song "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" is then briefly heard when Daggett tries to sneak into the festival when he has balloons of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison tied on his tail.
  • "Purple Haze" - A riff from this 1967 song by The Jimi Hendrix Experience is briefly heard when The Friendly Chartreuse Bubblegum Machine arrives on stage.
  • "Day After Day" - The music during the jam montage is based on this 1971 song by Badfinger.


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