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Dag fears a giant cricket that ends up in the dam.

Episode Summary[]

Norb and Dag have spent the night drinking Yahoo and are ready for bed. Dag asks about the meaning of a warning label warning to keep out of reach of insects, but Norb disregards his brother, telling him to turn off the lights and let him sleep. Downstairs, a cricket sneaks into the dam through a crack in the door and drinks some of the leftover Yahoo. Dag, woken by the cricket's chirps, is terrified. Norb assures his brother that he has nothing to fear as a tiny cricket wouldn't hurt him. The cricket downstairs continues to drink Yahoo until it suddenly grows to an enormous size.

The gigantic cricket runs upstairs into the beavers' room, scaring Dag. He wakes Norb and tries to tell him what he saw, but Norb refuses to believe him. Norb drags his reluctant brother downstairs to prove to him that crickets are harmless. Dag sees the giant cricket land behind Norb and warns his brother; as Norb turns around, the cricket shrinks to normal size. Norb tries to catch the cricket, but it hops under the couch and resumes drinking Yahoo. As the cricket once again becomes giant and runs into the closet, Dag resumes freaking out. Norb enters the closet, find the once-again shrunken cricket, and traps it inside a Yahoo bottle. The cricket drinks the Yahoo left at the bottom of the bottle and, once again, grows to a huge size, breaking the bottle and scaring both Norb and Dag.

Both beavers and the giant cricket run around the dam, away from each other. Norb then decides that they need to get rid of the cricket, entering the closet and returning with a makeshift flyswatter. He begins to chase the clearly frightened cricket around the dam and eventually corners it in the kitchen. Before Norb can finish the cricket off, Dag stops his brother, sensing the cricket's fear. The cricket shrinks down to normal size, and the two beavers let it outside into the night.

Back in bed, Norb asks Dag if he took care of the Yahoo bottles. Dag replies that be put them outside in the recycling bin. After turning out the light, Norb asks Dag if he remembered to close the lid of the recycling bin, to which Dag gulps in fear. Outside, a line of insects is seen entering the open recycling bin. As Norb and Dag begin to argue, giant insects are seen moving outside the dam.

Production Information[]

  • This episode was originally entitled "Cricket In The House".[1]


  • Innuendo: It is implied in the beginning of the episode that Norbert and Daggett have hangovers from drinking so much Yahoos.


  • Although Norbert says that crickets "wouldn't hurt a fly," crickets have been known to eat insects such as ladybugs and flies.[2]
    • Norbert most likely didn't know this and only said this in an attempt to relieve Daggett.


  • The episode title is based on the word bug-a-boo, which in this case means "any imagined fear or threat, or a fear presumed larger than it really is".


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