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The new millennium forces Norb and Dag to recreate the earth.

Episode Summary

It is December 31, 1999, and Norbert and Daggett are throwing a New Year's party at the dam with all of their friends. Dag has made punch for everyone. The beaver brothers propose a toast, wishing everyone a Happy New Year, and a great new millennium. Everyone takes a sip of the punch, but the taste causes Norb and Dag to be zapped to a strange dimension.

A mysterious voice tells the beavers that they have been chosen to initiate a new millennium by creating the world all over again. When asked why, the voice explains that the beavers likely could not make the new world as screwed up as the old one. The beavers can do, make, and become whatever they wish. Daggett starts by creating a beautiful river, and Norb follows with an opulent dam to live in. Wanting a snack as "snazzy" as their new house, Dag conjures up some log-shaped baklava, proclaiming it as the beaver's dessert of choice. Norb does not like baklava, and offers up an upgraded Lickety Split as the dessert of choice. Dag sarcastically asks if there is a cherry for the Lickety Split, and Norb conjures a giant one to crush Dag.

Dag transforms himself into a giant cherry monster, and starts firing cherry pits at Norb like a machine gun. The onslaught knocks Norb into the river, but he emerges as a beaver-trout-duck monster. He chases down cherry Daggett, intending to eat him. Dag manages to evade Norb for a while in a little toy taxi. Norb then lobs an egg-bomb in front of the cab, causing a brick wall to appear. Norb appears to have Dag cornered, but after a brief struggle, Norb starts running away. Dag has turned the taxi into a giant bear cab and gives chase. The mysterious voice scolds the beavers, telling them they are screwing up the new world, but the beavers do not listen, and continue to battle. After more transformations and conjuring, the beavers agree to a final showdown at dawn - winner takes all.

Norb and Dag make fortresses and robot armies for themselves. The voice tries one more time to stop them, but the armies charge at each other. Unfortunately, the robots only travel in a straight line, and push against the walls instead of out of the doors. This causes the robots to slowly move the fortresses towards each other. Eventually they are pressed together, but the robots try to continue moving forward. The robots overload their batteries and explode, destroying the new world. Norb and Dag float in the aether, acknowledging that they screwed up the world for a silly reason. They produce glasses of Daggett's punch, and make a toast, saying that no matter what happens in the new millennium, they will always be brothers. They drink the punch, and the taste zaps them back to their dam in the present.

Norb gags and splutters at the horrible punch. Dag reveals that he put lime into the punch instead of sugar. The beavers argue about this, but the mysterious voice interrupts, asking if they had learned anything from their whole experience. Norb and Dag stop fighting, then Norb pulls in Dag for one of his famous hugs. The voice protests, since the beavers still are not listening, but he gives up and wishes the audience a Happy New Year.

Background Information

Production Information

  • This episode, along with Euro Beavers, is the last episode to premiere in the 90's.


  • The second time Norbert wears his general suit. [1]
  • This is the fourth episode where the screen cuts in black at the end. [2] [3] [4]



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