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Wanting to get better cereal prizes than Norb, Dag saves cereal box-tops to get a street sweeper, but takes so long that the time he obtains enough is the time the offer expires.

Episode Summary

Dag and Norb have just brought home many boxes of cereal intending to get free prizes. Dag starts looking through his boxes for free toys, ignoring the cereal, but Norb eats the cereal and cleanly cuts out the box tops. Dag finally finds a toy, a mini red telescope that he believes is worth $125, but Norb sends out all of his box tops and receives a huge telescope that can see into space.

Next, Dag finds a bumble bee magnet that doesn't work very well. Norb tells Dag about the great prizes cereal companies make, except they don't put them in the cereal box. Dag finds a prize that he dubs "Toe Bot." Norb gets a robot with a working laser. Dag gets jealous and wants to know how Norb gets all the cool prizes. He just tells him what Dag assumed, with a little patience, he cuts out box tops and sends them to the cereal company.

Norb shows Dag that he could get what he's always wanted with 1000 box tops, his very own street sweeper, but he tells Dag that he has to eat ALL of the cereal. Dag attempts to find ways to get out of having to eat all of the cereal. Once Dag finally finishes eating all of the cereal and getting 1000 box tops, a letter comes in saying that he took too long and the street sweeper offer has expired.

In his fury, he mails himself and Norb to the Big Cereal Company's factory. They find the street sweeper in a giant crate, but it gets carried off. Dag attempts to go after it, but gets stuck in all of the machinery. They finally get into the street sweeper, only to get carried off by another machine. They end up in a little girl's box of cereal called "FLAk'Z".

Furious about all the trouble he went through for the sweeper, Dag swats Norb hard with a box of cereal after he tells him again about patience.

Background Information

  • Debut of Toe-Bot.

Production Information


  • When Dag is "swimming" through his cereal searching for toys, his fin-shaped ears poke through the top, and the Jaws theme plays.


"Go Beavers!"
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