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Beavers on the Go[]

(This series opens with a nature documentary titled "Wild Life Shenanigans" hosted by a man named William "Bill" Licking which is in the style of old 30's black and white documentaries.)

Bill Licking: (narrating) Welcome to "Wild Life Shenanigans"! Heidy-ho nature fans, this is Bill Licking! Join me for this week's episode "Beavers on the Go."

Location: Mr. and Mrs. Beaver's House (April 20, 1996)[]

(The scene cuts to a beaver dam in the middle of a forest in the state of Oregon.)

Bill Licking: A beaver dam sits cozily amongst the birch and pines of a... (cuts out for a second and cuts back) wilderness...Located miles from civilization's man-made domain. Let's go inside.

(The scene fades to inside the dam, showing Leonard and Rose Beaver, a happily married beaver couple and the owners of the dam.)

Bill Licking: Here we can see the engaging Mr. and Mrs. Beaver welcoming us into their charming home.

(Leonard and Rose then wave hello to the camera and to the audience. The scene then cuts to their oldest son and their first born child, eighteen year old Norbert Foster Beaver, who stands in the kitchen with a smile on his face and also waves hello to the audience and camera.)

Bill Licking: This is Norbert, their first litter's oldest by four minutes.

(Norbert then reaches his arm into the other room and brings out his younger twin brother, Daggett Doofus Beaver, who is being pulled out by his brother to be next to their parents. Daggett is trying to resist and escape his brother's grasp, clearly not wanting to be in the documentary at all, but can't escape due to both of his hands being grasped by his brother.)

Bill Licking: Since each beaver litter includes only two siblings, this shy fellow must be Daggett. One big happy family here, huh folks?

(Just then, Rose suddenly becomes pregnant, surprising Leonard.)

Bill Licking: (concerned) What's this...Mrs. Beaver?

(Rose then heads to the kitchen to give birth while her husband and sons watch. Daggett tries escaping once more, but Norbert steps on his tail, preventing him from running away.)

Bill Licking: Can it be?

(She then comes back, now with two baby girl beavers named Stacy and Chelsea Beaver.)

Bill Licking: Yes! Yes it is! A second litter!

(The scene then cuts back to the brothers, with Norbert smiling and Daggett trying to escape again.)

Bill Licking: Know what that means, boys?

(Norb nods and Dag shakes his head worriedly.)

Bill Licking: That's right!

(The scene then heads to outside of the house, where Norbert leaves with an incredibly large suitcase in the shape of a log while waving goodbye to his parents.)

Bill Licking: When the second litter of beavers is born, the first litter is primed and ready to strike out on their own.

(After that, Leonard then grabs Daggett by the ears and throws his son out of the house. He goes airborne and lands with a loud crash, causing Norbert to flinch. Leonard and Rose then wave goodbye to their sons from the front door.)

Bill Licking: So as Mr. and Mrs. Beaver bid their sons a tearful goodbye...

(They do not. In fact, they do the complete opposite. They slam the door with no hesitation and then head back inside the dam to take care of their newborn daughters.)

Bill Licking: We join them in saying...

(As Bill Licking is about to finish his sentence, the music stops abruptly as Daggett bangs and scratches on the door begging their parents to let them back in. The scene is completely silent for a bit as he does this. After a trying and failing, Norbert grabs his brother by his tail and drags him and the suitcase away.)

Bill Licking: (clears his throat) As before...We join them in saying proudly hold your paddle tails high boys, and good luck!

(The scene fades to black as the documentary ends.)

Born to be Beavers[]

Location: Ext. Oregon Highway - Later (April 19, 1996)[]

(The scene fades back from black as it is now later on. The scene now takes place on a highway in the fictional town of Wayouttatown, Oregon where there's some billboards promoting milk and gas while a large truck carrying wooden logs drives by. There's also a road sign that reads "Pawhuska 20," "Burbank 41," and "Fairfax 52" on it. The scene then cuts to Daggett and Norbert walking on the side of the road. Daggett is carrying the large suitcase on his back while Norbert lays on top of it relaxing.)

Daggett: I can't believe it, Norbert!

Norbert: Whassat, Daggett?

Daggett: Our own parents kicked us out!

Norbert: They didn't kick us out. We were the first litter and Mom had a second litter, it's the beaver way.

Daggett: But-but Norby, where will we go? How will we survive?!

Norbert: It's easy to survive. (hops off the suitcase) You got your beaver survival kit, don't you, Dag?

Daggett: (stops immediately) No.

Norbert: (concerned) Oh...geez...that's not good.

More will be added later...

Home Sweet...Bridge?[]

Location: Ext. The Bridge - Later[]

(Daggett finally reaches the top of the bridge and collapses on top from exhaustion. Meanwhile, multiple different beavers take the trees that were used to make his dam for themselves. Daggett watches and gets shocked.)

Daggett: What the? Eeeh?

(Daggett turns around and faces Norbert, who is relaxing on the bridge having a drink and resting his feet on the suitcase while laying on some pillows.)

Daggett: (angry and out of breath) Norbert! What do you think you're doing?

Norbert: My friend...I have found...the perfect pre-fabricated wooden structure for our bachelor pad!

Daggett: We're beavers! Remember? We're suppoused to be building a dam!

Norbert: Give me one good reason why this isn't the ideal place to crash.

(Just then, the bridge and camera start shaking violently as Norbert and Daggett start shaking as well.)

Daggett: WHASSAT?!

(The camera pans up to reveal that a large train is passing by, thus causing the shakiness. Norb and Dag start bouncing up and down from being shaken around so much.)

Norbert: Alright. Give me another good reason.

(Right after he says this, they both fall off the bridge, along with the suitcase and start hitting the bridge structure like a pinball on their way down. After a few minutes of falling, Norbert falls into the water below and Dag falls on a tree stump and then into the water. Dag brings his head out of the water and spits it out, but right after the suitcase falls on his head and splashes him back into the water.)

The Angry Beavers[]

Location: Ext. The Pond - Moments Later[]

(Norbert then drags Dag and the suitcase out of the water, completely drenched and wet. Daggett then coughs the water out violently to the point of wheezing, and also does this twice.)

Daggett: That was nuts!

(Daggett then faces Norbert as he tries to get water out of his ears.)

Daggett: Now look, Norbert! We're suppoused to be building a place to live!

Norbert: Who says? Don't put me in your little box, Mr. Man!

Daggett: What?

Norbert: Don't tell me what to do! I can do anything I want!

Daggett: So can I! And maybe I don't want you to help me build a dam then!

Norbert: (walks away) Well if that's the way you want it, FINE! See you around, Doofus!

Daggett: Spoothead!

Norbert: Fuzzwad!

Daggett: Num...Numbooger!

Norbert: Stinkface!


(Daggett walks away before Norbert calls him one last name.)

Norbert: (offscreen) POOPY PANTS!

Daggett: (defeated) Uggh!

El Pollo Grande![]


Kick Back and Relax[]


Home Sweet Dam[]