Norbert and Daggett get into a race with Truckee in order to see who will be the first who can reach the largest pile of toenails attraction at one of the nearby amusement parks. However, Truckee feels confident since he's recently improved his semi-truck, Big Renee, though Norbert and Daggett have a few tricks up their sleeve as well.

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A semi truck pulls into Phylo's rest stop. The driver, seen only from the waist down, gets out of the truck and enters a nearby diner. He puts some coins in the jukebox and starts playing a record, which tells a story from the perspective of a truck named Big Renee. While biking to the World's Largest Pile of Toenails, Norb and Dag get stuck behind Big Renee. They try to pass, and after a brief incident of road rage, the three meet up at Phylo's. Words are exchanged, and they challenge each other to a race to the World's Largest Pile of Toenails, with the loser having to serve as the winner's hood ornament.

Though Norb and Dag get off to an early lead, Big Renee soon catches up and forces them off a cliff. They then try to take a shortcut (which was obviously planted by the truck driver) which deposits them into a field of cacti. The two finally notice a plane flying overhead and grapple onto it, hoping to regain the lead. However, after realizing too late that the pilot and Big Renee are in cahoots with each other, the beavers are dropped down a mine shaft which destroys their bike.

Dragging their broken bike behind them, Norb and Dag arrive at a junkyard where they meet a man named Ol' Pappy. He offers to let the beavers use his car, the Deathmobile, to win their race; Norb politely declines and asks him to help them fix their bike, which Ol' Pappy does. However, the bike falls apart immediately afterwards and the beavers agree to use the Deathmobile. Norb and Dag catch up to Big Renee once more and end up forcing the truck off of the same cliff they had fallen from. The two finally arrive at the World's Largest Pile of Toenails and prepare to celebrate their victory. At the moment, however, Big Renee bursts in from behind the pile, having somehow beaten them there.

As the song ends, the record inside the jukebox comes to a stop, revealing its title: "Big Renee - Truckee's Ballad." The driver is then shown to be Truckee wearing a pair of tall fake legs with jeans and cowboy boots. He leaves the diner, returns to Big Renee and gets inside. As Truckee begins to pull away, he points to his hood where a chrome-plated Norb and Dag are serving as his hood ornament.


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