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Bing is an annoying chamelecko who hangs around Norbert and Daggett.

Physical Appearance

Bing is a green chamelecko (part chameleon, part gecko), who constantly sheds his tail.

For formal occasions, he wears a magenta tuxedo jacket with pink cuffs and collar, a white dress shirt, and a black bow tie. [1]

Background Information

  • Bing talks extremely fast and often employs circular logic.
  • His tail regenerates at an extremely fast speed, and can be torn off without much pain.
  • He has a girlfriend named Wanda. [2]
  • Bing became an international best-selling author for his book Nice and Lonely: Learning to Live with Friends Who Always Ditch You. He also has numerous photo diaries entitled Bing's Ditching Diary. [3]
  • He played the cello during Norb's classical music "jam session". [4]


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