William "Bill" Licking is the host of the TV shows Wildlife Shenanigans, Bill Licking's Nobility of the Wild, Licking Your Problems (with Bill Licking), and Bill Licking's Wild Animals Who Seem Laid Back and Mellow But Aren't!.

Physical Appearance

Bill Licking wears a black wig and has black eyes, long pointy nose, a cleft chin, and a band aid on his right leg. His clothing consists of a short sleeved crimson dressing gown with mint green (later light blue) trim, white ascot, crimson shorts, white socks, and black shoes.

Background Information

  • One of the episodes on the TV show Wild Life Shenanigans is entitled "Beavers on the Go". [1]
  • He dislikes bears because none of the little cubs would never play with him when he was a boy. [2]


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